Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Very random thoughts..not my usual kind of post but it'll do....ENJOY!

"Most people think life sucks, and then you die. Not me. I beg to differ. I think life sucks, then you get cancer, then your dog dies, your husband leaves you, the cancer goes into remission, you get a new dog, you get remarried, you have cute kids , thirty five years on you work really hard and build your empire, then one day you have a massive stroke, your whole right side is paralyzed, you have to limp along the streets and speak out of the left side of your mouth and drool but you go into rehabilitation because your kids are too spoilt to want to take care of you and then you regain the power to walk and the power to talk and then one day you slip off your yatch at the coast of Lagos and then you DIE..WELL MAYBE…….

You should start out dead; just get it right out of the way….
You wake up in a senior care facility and start feeling better every day….
You get kicked out of there for being too healthy, go collect your pension, then, when you start work,….. you get a gold watch on your first day.
You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement.
You drink alcohol, …….you party, you're "generally" promiscuous and you get ready for High School.
After High School,…… you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play or nap all day, you have no responsibilities.
You become a baby with no cares whatsoever.
Then,….. you spend your last 9 months floating peacefully with luxuries like central heating, spa treatments, room service on tap, larger living quarter’s everyday...and then...
you finish off as an orgasm!
It would have to be better that way ... because this getting old .. just sucks

P.S..i am upset with my fellow dames.I am going on strike,I am not blogging again until someone else blogs

A depressed and reality sticken Monisola

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day on the edge

So i wake up on thursday..tired as call from dele asking me what i was getting up to later in the day..i tell him i am catching up on sleep so i can have enuff energy to go out at night...and he's like do i wanna come and pre-drink at his house first then he ll take me to the club and ofcourse i said yes....will save me having to take cab there and friend was coming wif me as we both went to his...had a drink or two and den left for the club....he was alredi going on about how he needs to spend time wif me and bla blah..meanwhile i was busy trying to figure out how i will cut from him once we get to the club so he won't dull my forgive me.....anyway..we get to the club....took pictures...started to boogie down on the dance floor...looked around for segun and he was nowhere to be found...i was a tad bit sad but then i decided to mingle...met a few guys...usual chat up lines...u get the gist..nothing particularly interesting.....sooo fast forward to about 40mins later...segun is here...yaaayyyy..i play it cool tho...still kept on dancing..then he comes over..says hi....and then we talked for a while...whilst i was talking to him ex bf shows up....lmao..dis same one that has been begging me for a second chance...but get this...he shows up with a gal...haha..can u imagine the fool..he is begging but still catchin trips with other babes....i walked up to him...gave him a hug ..said hello and went back to meet segun....u shulda seen the look on his was full of guilt..and confusion...idk wht pissed him off more..d fact that i was with segun or that i totally acted like i didn't care that he was with a girl....i could tell he was uncomfortable though....and i was loving it....15 mins later he and the babe and his friend left the my mind i was like wow..hope i didn't spoil ur runz...then segun pulled me to one sitting area at like the balcony of the club..and he starts asking me questions about what im looking for and when i got out of a serious turns out..he and my ex are not close friends..hes close to my ex's ex girlfriend...which is even worse cos i dislike d babe ehn..d kind of pepper she showed me over this boy..infact...lets not go there...
anyway...i was rather tipsy but i could still hold a proper convo wif segun...idk what he was playing at but he was like how awarw of the situation are u?..i am like..wt dyu mean..and he goes..if i try to kiss u now what will you like lol..i ll simply turn my face away....hes like rillli...and then he tried..and i turned my face away..altho deep down inside i really wanted to...but mehn..i dnt go kissing guys ive known for a day!!.....after the non existent phone started to ring...guess whos kaln?....hmmm the like didn't u just leave the club with a babe like an hr ago..wt u doing calling me...i ignored it...and then he sent me a text..segun was obviously not liking the he snatched my phone and then he saw the name and hes like...em...ur ex is calling you...i thot u guys were like yeah..and he goes...u know there is over..and there is OVER!...which is it?..i was like really...OVER...but he wasn't convinced....he just smiled and was like he needed to go...i was vexed...he took my number and said he'd call me though....and said we should rendezvous at another club on friday night..and i said i'd think about it....
The night was over anyway so i went outside and dele was waiting for me ..the first thing he said was like uuuu!!! where were just smiled..i felt so bad....he was saying bye to his i went in the car to chill..and then my phone starts to ring i pick up ..its d ex....em..what r u doing callingme when u know im out....and he starts to chat a load of BS...about me being out and d guys i was wif and yada yada yada..and im like wtf....u r not even my BF....what is ur frigging problem..and then as usual...he wants us to meet up and have a face to face in seriously...what are we conversing about???...then he's like he doesn't want to talk to me while there are other people in the he ll call me at like 5 am when i get like wow..ok...i swear i was still so wasted i didn't even know what i was saying....
this is a rather disjointed post..haha..its hard to blog when so many things are going on at the same time..will give u gist about friday, saturday and the other 2 suitors later


Living on the fast lane and loving it!!!

Wow.....haven't been in blogsville in a while. Its not my fault though, I have just been trying to enjoy boring old summer in this God forsaken country.
I don't even know where to start mehn, past few days have been hectic, I have literally been out like 4 nights in a row! like seriously.
First night was amazing, it was wande coals album launch, i knew i had to be there! Dara was meant to come with me but her flaky self cancelled on me as usual. So i went with another friend of mine and my brother which was cool. Got there at first and they said entry fee was £30 quid, i am like wth..flyer says £25 sha sha..i wasn't turning back..had to see my i paid in...decided to get a drink..please ask me how much a drink at this mayfair club was ooo...ordinary coke and something....cnt remember what they mixed it with..£9.20..i was like ...wah....thats £60 pounds already in the space of an h..cos i took cab there...i was like mehn..this night better be worth it....and believe me it was..Wande has such an amazing voice..he was such a good performer as well...i couldn't even comport myself...he came in front of me and him and Dr Sid were singing taboo and i was windin my waist for them..forgetting about all the cameras and the video day like this i saw pics and video on you tube and I was like OMG...what was i thinking..and thank God for bad lightning cos you could hardly see my face. You would only know it was me if you knew what i was wearing that day or if you were the one standing next to me...PHEWW!!!...we all know i have my rep to keep to standards.
So apart from wande's performance my night was off the in..too many men!!..ahn ahn...this one trying to get my number here..another one tryna over a point my borther came to drag me and was like wasup with all these guys on ur neck..and this is my 17yrs old brother was not particularly interested in any of them sha....well..except one of them( which i will call segun) who was rilli cute and has the sexiest eyes in...God help me and my weakness for fine boys. We talked and danced for a bit and then i decided to go mingle so the guy wouldn't think he had hit jackpot..u know..front small sha...then he dragged me to one corner and we sat and talked for a while...and hes you know u have an amazing ask me what i said ooooo...hehe...stupid me was like " i know, everybody tells me that..its like a cliche now"..LOL.....idk what came over me..i swear i think it was the maybe i have an arrogant split personality...sasha arrogant..haha...the guy just burst out laffing....he was like..what happened to ....thankyou...i was like..i honestly meant o say thank u....donno y i said that...while we were still debating over my answer to the compliment...dis dude walks up to me and hes like u r a den segun is i know y u gave me that answer earlier on...i guess u rili do hear it a bit too
Anyway..night came to an end and we didn't exchange numbers....but we decided to rendezvous at a club on thursday night....
Rewind to earlier in the night, there was this guy i met who i had met twice before and he'd tried to get my number but i neva gave him...his name is dele...sha...i was feeling a bit nice on wednesday night so i gave him my number sha..well lemme not say i was feeling nice....he just moved down the road to my apartment and he has a car so yeah..i knew he would come in handy cos hes a rilli nice guy but i know too much of his dirt to want to have anything to do with him. He just bangs girls everywhere and im pretty sure he is just looking to get me on that list which will never happen...haha..
And thursday night was full of surprises......
I shall blog about that tomorrow...or later today....
Hint: dele , segun , 2 new suitors aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd..(drum rolls)//my EX BF showed up.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Job interview.... so excited, woke up this morning and decided to continue my job search....took a break for like 3 weeks now and i ve just been chilling wif the folks and spending their money but seeing as my dad went back to naij on saturday and my mum is leaving tomorrow, i decided to continue my job hunt as I will be spending my own money now.....
Anyways..applied for this random customer service job this morning and would you believe they called me back like within an hr!...i was so excited....spoke to the manager and stuff and the dude asked me to come for an interview this afternoon which i went for. I got lost on the way sha....ended up having to take a black cab to the zones as i was in the middle of nowhere and din't know any minicab companies around. Sha sha...i was rather burnt having to spend that much money to go for an interview that i am not guaranteed the job to the interview and lo and behold I was looking like rihanna when everyone else had their suits and corporate shirts on. I swear i left the house in such a hurry i didn't realise how i was dressed until i got there and everyone was staring at my mind I was like great...this is why they stereotype black people..i mean who shows up to an interview in jeans and a biker leather jacket?...well apparently ME!
I didn't let that affect me though...i just knew i had to try a little harder than everyone else seen as i would probably have a few negative ticks already. So the interview lasted for about forty minutes, it was a group interview so it wasn't that bad...met a few guys..u know..usual stuff.. the end i packed up and started walking towards the station and then one of the guys who was in the interview with me ran up to me and was like are you American..u've got that californian thingy going on...i just blushed and i was like nope....anyway..we sha walked to the nearest station together and then as i was entering he was like not actually going this way i am going the other my mind i was thinking y did u walk me to the station u don't even know me...i sha said bye and then like 10secs after he runs bck to me and he's like...would you like to come out with me sometime and have a drink??..i swear it was one of them movie moments..i felt like i was in Greek or sha said yes...(i know..i have a problem saying no to people)...the dude was hot though...he's russian, blonde, and tall ..had that whole modelling thing going on..hmmm...anyway so i gave him my number and i took his...altho i forgot to save it so i don't have it...
Idk what i am gonna do if he calls me tho cos i rilli dont want to go on a date with him.....i just said ys for the sake of it...normally i would just ignore his calls and hope he gets the message after a week but i am afraid i can't do that this time...I mean what if we both get the job..i will be seeing him sooner than i think and it ll be awkward do i manage to get myself in these situations?!!...



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture this..

First Scenario
It was Tokunbo's bday about 2 weeks ago...we decided to go to the club and boogie to some fine naija music. On the way to the club whilst we were on the train( yes oo gals like us)..anyway there was this dude and a babe staring at me and talking in some foreign language..probably German or Italian...not sure..
Anyways..the next thing I know..d dude walks u to me and he's like u r absolutely beautiful..can i take a picture of u..
Me...smiling..i was like...with me..hes like no..of in just me in the picture..i thought it was a bit weird but me being the nice person that i am..i said thankyou and i struck a pose....Mind you some of my fellow dames were present and they were all laughing....and the lady that came with the dude was like no seriously...shes stunning..hehe...In my mind.....i was feeling like some super model...maybe it was the red hot striking mini dress i was wearing....naaahhh..i think it was just me..lmao!! my fellow dames and a few friends that we were all on the train together have been tormenting me ooo..saying they will probably use my picture for alterior motives especially since Italy is famous for trafficking naija babes for prostitution...hehe...OH WELL TOO LATE NOW...
So what says you?..would you have allowed a total stranger to take a picture of u??...should i be worried.....

Second Scenario
So I decided to go and meet my ex and have the "talk" he kept insisting we had, i was like whats d worst that could happen....he wants to talk ..then we 'll talk....Anyway...we meet up at a random coffee shop...i get there, take a seat..hi/hello..bla bla...hes like no like nope..lets keep the physical contact to a minimum(hehe) and then he smiles...i couldn't keep the straight face i had planned on smile forward the usual talk...lets get to the point...what is it you wanna say that can't be said over the phone??
And then he starts talking about how he's sorry...and he took this long to beg cos he let his pride get the better of him..bla bla..he wants us to give it another such, he misses me...he'll change...yada yada yada....and then i burst out laughing!..oh yes..and hes like is this funny to u..i was like hell yeah....anyway...when he was done talking i was like well i've heard what you have to say but its a little too late....and he's like nope..nt too late....bla bla..we cn try and work things out....yada yada...
And and my big mouth..i decided to yarn him abt abdul.....idk y i did that honestly..i am not sure if i wanted to see his reaction as per anger/jealousy or what but sha i did..and he's like..what i know that guy is he runzing you?...i ws like nah..we just got talking and we r friends...sha sha..after i saw his reaction i quickly changed the topic...and then I got up and said i had to leave since he was done talking...he goes..don't u have anything to say? like...err nope..really what were you expecting me to say?...and i call a taxi and left.
This was the afternoon before tokunbos party in the the club now...this dude called me abt 15 say what idk...when i got out of the club at 4 i text sayn wts up with the missed day he called back saying he just wanted to check on me make sure i was alright ..i was 3am..since when did that one start?? sha said oh..thanks ooo i was having fun now that u asked...
Later that day..called call call...its becoming a normal thing like chill does dis dude think we r back together
Fast forward to 4 days later, I got a call fromm teni, his rilli good female friend that im friends with as well. This babe is like..hmmm u and ur big mouth ..u r all talk bla like chill now..what are you on about??....teni goes: hmmm who did u meet up with on u and him are back together abi...after u said this time ur break up was for good..bla bla...u just have mouth...i was like wooooaahhhh.....what r u on abt..we only met up to talk..who said anything abt being back together??..i was rather shocked and then to add to it all she was like i heard abdul is runzing u!!..I was like what?!....i was like who told u..shes like ur ex and my my mind im thinking how many people has dis boy told....
So now im thinking me not saying anything to this boy, he obviously assumed i accepted his i call with the intention of setting things straight but everytime i cal we just start gisting and i neva get to the i stop calling...i sent a text instead...saing things r still hw they were before we had our talk....meaning we r not an item the talk didn't change anything..and he replies saying "what are you on about" in the world am i gonna get this over and done i spell it out a bit more explicitly and hes like he thinks we need to talk and he ll kal me when he cn explain a few this point..i didn't even bother txting im like what the hell is going on??!!!....

Third Scenario:
As I am talking to Teni, she tells me Abdul was dating her best friend now everything is getting a lil too ex is friends with abdul whose ex girlfriend is best friends with my friend that is too close for concern...if am going to move on i need to venture to a different circle of people...and then initiall when I told teni about abdul...she was like oh..i think u shud go for it ..he sounds like a rilli nice guy bla bla...but now that she knows abdul is in her best friends ex..shes like..well...i dont think u shud go ther...i mean my best fried is over him and all so dnt think i have anything to gain from this..but i still wouldn't go like..ok..thanks for the info...and then she's like for my ex..i know if he rilli likes a girl, he will beg and all but i wouldn't listen to him either..hes an unserious now im like...teni has cancelled out abdul and my ex for me...should I really listen to her???
And she also made it a point to say she had nothing to gain or lose from me getting back with my ex...oh and did i mention that her oter best friend tolu is also in love with my ex? about complications in my life!!! be i am just trying to have fun this summer jo, I am hella tired of having nothing to do..well since my folks have been around its been interesting cos we've just been shopping and visiting friends and stuff..
Did i mention my graduation was wet and BORIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGG....i expected a lot more...but hey!!..i am a graduate.....WHOOPTIDOOOO!!

Okay this rant is getting waaaayyyy too long....will blog later this week.....I am sure I'll have more goss by then...oh and there is a new guy on the radar...John...but thats for my next post...till then...don't let my complicated life complicate ur head as u read...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The life of a topsy-turvy graduate!!!!!

Okay blogs ville i do actually have a very good reason why i havnt blogged in a while. so here it goes, BT is a bastard company, i swear!!! can u imagin my internet wasnt working and i called this people. After the very long hold and difficult dialogue we sha sha got to an understanding that i need an engineer to fix it and dat it would be fixed later that day. So one day, two days, three days, four days....infact as am remembering i still want to vex and change from BT but nt to lie sha dey give very good service their head is just big, secondly i no be the bill payer.

Yes i know that reason isn't valid for disappearing for weeks but i no fit explain everything to ya'll nw *wink* ......anyhoos back to the koko of this blogging , i am officially a GRADUATE.....yeepee! Graduated a few weeks back and although i was a bit disappointed with my result and the fact that with what i have the uni's i applied to for masters will not take me but i have moved pass dat and have become very gratefull to God. As my mum always says "olorun ku suuru" meaning "God is really patient". How did i go to school for 3yrs, wasnt hospitalised, didnt have to leave school b'cos of the loss of anybody, did all my exams, made good friends and finally graduated and am grunting for days about my result. I know people dat died while in school, some are not even graduating. Yes we not going to the same house but when you think about it it's all God's grace so i decided enough is enough oo ayanfe we shall be gratefull and i have been.

I love my family to death (u guyz shud get ready to hear dat often) as in i love them. The most supportive group of people (dnt jealous me have made me feel like i graduated with a first class. Do u knw about 25 people came for ma grad ceremony..... like really!!! its only my family that we had to take the group picture outside. lol. So my sister said to me "ayanfe its not what you have that makes you, its what you make of it that makes you". So instead of going to the great land of NAIJA i stayed and started all my applications again and yeah am still waiting for uni's to reply but dilemma has set in!! I got a great summer internship job at BGL. Basicly if i do the internship with them and i do well dey are willing to take me after i do my NYSC and pay me full time, they also said if i work for a year with them they can send me for my masters. So money isnt an issue here but they offered all this just based on a recommendation, so am really happy about it (and i took it as a sign that my luck is changing....SCHOOLS NEXT PLEASE! .hehehe) but now am very confused as to if i should go to naij and do the internship or just stay and finish sorting out my schools. Staying because the schools might send letters to me or ask for an interview OR going for the intenship because its actually a great opportunity as i intend to move home later in life.

By the way i decided to go home and do the internship although i would say the fact that ma whole fam is home n dey r havin too much fun while i wait influenced that decision But on a serious note i want honest opinion as to if am doing the right thing cos if am questioning it something has to be wrong rite?....SO WHAT IS THIS TOPSY-TURVY GRADUATE TO DO???

Wow dat was a lot of ranting but on the side, i have been listening to yemi sax a lot lately...i find the whole sax thing so sweet and relaxing. The guy has mad talent i must say. ya'll should listen to some.....HASTA LUEGO!!

Love always
Ayanfe God i trust xxx

The summer Holidays so far!!!

Summer Fling- check
Graduation- check
Job- so not checked
Swine Flu scare- check
Bad Night out with the girls minus 1- check

I can't believe my summer fling is over before the end of july!!!! What am I going to be doing for the rest of the summer (as the job search has been abandoned)... This problem has to be remedied ASAP!!! So oya awon girls start hooking a sister up and awon boys start dialling my number.

This summer is my worst thought out ever. I should have gone to naij to work... I can't believe I'm actually eager for school to start.

Oh and Moni I do not HATE the Ex... That you would think i do...sigh.... it beats my imagination :-)....U also kno I am Pro Abdul....enuff said about ur topsy turvy lovelife... However if you need me to organise the law mafia to beat the Ex up for spreading those stupid rumours about you guys being back together and you meeting up with him, I shall very much oblige...

P.s- Now you guys can get off my back bout blogging.....mwahaha!!!...I now hereby Tag the other one.... u kno the one with runs that she started in september and that still hasnt reached anywhere...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

CONFUSED.COM (part 2..on a lighter note)

Before I start....I was just wondering if it bothers anyone that I can't write without dotting? really bad..but its a habit of mine...i know how to use normal punctuation and stuff but I just always do it...even when i text or email people....I am actually going to try not to dot in posts starting from now.

So this is sort of a continuation of my earlier post about being confused. Okay so , remember how I said I was looking for a hot muslim guy to date yeah?, well Ayo hooked me up with her "cousin" so to speak and he's muslim. He also seems very nice but he's just not my type. Ayo thinks its because he is not hot, and he is just okay looking but I like sort of skinny guys, not too skinny but on the smaller and taller side. And this dude is kind of big, hes not fat or anything but hes definitely bigger than my usual catch. I have been giving him a cold shulder and acting all stuck up even though he's been nothing but nice to me but I am just one of those girls who get ticked off by attraction. I need to be attracted to you before I can allow myself to get to know you. This right here is my weak point, people say it shallow but i say its me having a preference. I am scared of chasing him away because muslim guys are rare and I don't want to regret it in future but at the same time I am finding it hard to force myself to play along. Just incase you were wondering, I am absolutely fine with marrying an xtian dude, hell i have never even dated a muslim guy, but my sis is having trouble with my parents at the moment because her boyfriend is xtian and shes said hes the one. So I am just trying to avoid getting myself into that situation.So this muslim guy is also a older aswell, I hear he is 25 but I don't trust Ayo, from the picture he sent me I though he was 30, which is not bad considering we end up marrying people older than us.So lets call muslim guy Abdul

And then there is Shola, OMG I haven't actually told any of my fellow dames about him but he is hot as hell. But he is also 19!!! I know, and I am 22 so its so wrong yet I just can't stop wanting. I wont even lie and say his looks have nothing to do with it because it has everything to do with it. Its actually really bad because I he is the first guy I have kissed that wasn't my boyfriend. I am or should I say I used to be a bit of a conservative girl, never kiss a guy on a first date, no sex, u know, the usual rules but when Shola went for it, I didn't give him a cold shoulder or make one of my usual cheeky comments i simply let him kiss me. Haha, now I feel like a slut, I kissed a random guy, i hope he doesn't think its something I do on an everyday basis. So problem with Shola is that hes 19 and will probably be an immature boyfriend, and he ain't muslim!! *sob sob*

And then , there is my ex boyfriend. Just so you know, he is not an option before somebody pulls out my hair but I am just going to give you his gist anyway. So my ex whom I broke up with about 3 weeks ago has apparently been calling me. I say apparently because I wasn't sure initially. I have this rule that I never pick up private numbers or numbers that are not saved on my phone. So anyway the past few weeks I have been getting so many missed calls from random numbers and private number and I just kept ignoring cos i had a feeling it might be him. So on Tuesday I got calls from a land phone and then texts asking how I was and saying they had been calling me but not getting any response. So i text back saying who is this? and no reply.
So I got curious and then when i saw ayanfe on wednesday I was like can you call this number and see who it is, she calls it and lo and behold, it is THE EX.

So i get home in the evening and the number is calling me again, so me thinking well its been 3 weeks, i am over it , i guess i could pick up and ask y hes calling and all. So i pick up, we talk normally, just the usua what are you up to,how are things and then he starts saying all this stuff like why have you not been picking up, i have been calling you with different numbers, you couldn't even call me, bla bla bla bla.So am like look, i have no business calling you on a regs, we r friends and we can talk once in a while and I am not the one who messed up so what am I calling you for. So I sha end d conversation on a light note, before things start getting all complicated again. And as I hung up, I got a text saying can we meet up and talk?, I was like errr nope nothing to talk about. And then he's like how can I say there is nothing to talk about that I am obviously still angry bla bla, I am like this isn't anger this is me liking how things are and not wanting anything to change. And then he kept insisting that we needed to see and talk about things. So i'm like okay, assuming you have stuff to talk about, what is so special that you want to say that can't be said over the phone?
and then he doesn't reply me. I am thinking wtf, is this guy on drugs and now i just feel like texting him asking him what he's flipping problem is and why he won't just leave me the hell alone.
Question now is should I give abdul a chance or should I follow my attraction and forget about Shola's age, and also, should I give the ex his talking wish and hope that he will just let things be after that....
No se!


CONFUSED.COM ( part 1..on a serious note)

I see none of my dames have had time to blog...dont be fooled oh..atleast i know ayanfe and dara are jobless like me so idk why they are fronting for blogsville. Oh well...lemme blog again so we don't lose the few readers that we have managed to acquire..I mean there are readers right?...I want to believe I have not just been blogging for my fellow dames.... I am confused about soooooooooo many things right now, i don't even know where to start. I 'll start with the more important stuff which is my future, i guess all of it is my future actually but the more important part of my future would be my employability.
So we all know I just finished..uni...but i am not a very happy graduate..I got my results last week and I wanted to go six feet under. Honestly really took me by shock to see my grade and find out I had a lower second class....I am not saying pple that get this have not worked hard or a dumb or anything but considering the grades i've been getting all my life (forgive me if I am sounding arrogant or proud it is not my intention) ...this is a bit below expectations and even though people have said congratulations and it could have been worse..they have not hidden their shock and dissappointment on my performance.
One minute I am feeling angry that my supervisor is making comments like "sometimes good students get mediocre grades"...when he said that to me...i didn't know if i should look at it as a compliment that he thought i was a good student...or if i should take offense in him calling my grades "mediocre"....either way....I know I am not too pleased but I am thanking God atleast that I have been able to gradually deal with it. My really good friend Teni....was on a first class and ended up with a lower second class as well ( yes i know..its like a curse) anyway..she on the other hand has been crying for almost a week now...cant even tell her uncle that she lives with and it makes me wonder y extended family members put unnecessary pressure on people. I mean she's told her mum and her mum though dissappointed has accepted it but this girl cannot still come to terms with telling her uncle...I just hope she doesnt kill herself with hypertension...
So now I have a lower second class....atleast I have graduated right??!! all the uni's i applied to for masters have a minimum entry requirement of and upper second class...i have called up a few asking if they sometimes consider people with lower grades but they say no outrightly I am struggling to find a good business school to do a good masters so it can make up for my undergrad....right employability in the sector I want to go to is close to ZERO...ZILT....NADA!!...if i said i wasn't scared I would be lying to myself...before you even start filling their applications the first question is have you obtained atleast an upper second class in your undergraduate degree?...if the answer is no, 90% of the employers don't even let you bother filling the do you get a decent job with a lower second class??
So now I am thinking...since I ain't got no job..and I dont have any standing offers for masters yet..( well i have an offer but it was conditional upon me getting an upper second class).....I am considering going to Nigeria for a year..maybe do my NYSC once and for all and get it over and done with...but then if I come back for masters in a 2.2 wouldn't have change..i would still be applying to schools with the same grade....chances are their entry requirements would not have really does it make much it possible that some uni's might be willing to offer me place with my grade because I would be more qualified in the sense that I have a degree and one yr professional work experience????......this right here is my dilemma....should i go to naij....should i stay here and lower my standard of unis...just go to any uni that will take me for a masters even if its a crap one??..

confused on a lighter note..coming soon


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

KOKO MANSION......!!!!!

Back in Blogsville, we haven't blogged in a while i am hoping that means we have all being having too much fun so we ll have enough stories to tell later on..anyway i decided to just do a quickie on koko mansion, as much as I complained about it when i watched the opening show.....i am hooked!! Would you believe I watched it from 10am to 11pm yesterday??..

-*Welcome to the Koko Mansion*...don't you just love how Dbanj says welcome to the koko mansion?? everytime i hear it I want to melt..he is just too swagga licious
I have to say, the launching of the show was not too great, it just goes to show how far Nigerian TV stations still need to go with their production and airing. Would you believe that the presenter didn;'t know when she was back on air from and advert and would be yelling " am I back on?" whilst we were staring at her or having a full on conversation with the camera man about the was hilarious...but it seems to be getting better sha..the lighting in the house is improving so they are obviously listening to criticism but still, for a show that they've been advertising for over 2 months they should have been on their A-game.
Another thing I don't understand is the direction the show is heading...its looking like a big brother house with all ladies..the gals just sit around and dance and talk and talk and talk all day.
But then again this is me just being too harsh cause i really can't imagine what they could be doing except maybe that dbanj should appear in the house a lot more think yes..after all they are his kokolettes and he is the kokomaster..theyve been in the house for over 3 days now and he hasn't shown face since the show was launched....
-Talking about the girls, they are all so young as well, i think maybe they should have had a minimum age of 23 or so.. because there is too much child play in the is a teenager going to be the "IDEAL WOMAN"..there are 18 and 19 yr old girls in the house....i personally don't think that makes much sense and if anyone has been watching like'll see where i am coming from. Out of all the girls favorites are Shona and Rita...Shona cause she seems alot more mature than the rest of the girls, speaks well and carries herself well but at the same time jokes with the other housemates and doesn't act like she's too old to chill with the youngsters...and then Rita...oh rita..what can i start with ..the babe can't speak English to save her life...but then you grow to love her i swear..shes so entertaining and she actually makes sense when she talks....except its a bit hard for her to get her message across....Lol...oh and she can't dance either..WAH!!!!...
-Anyway if you are bored out of your mind like me I would definitely recommend koko mansion as a past time..maybe i ll start giving you highlights from the show seeing as i have nothing better to do these days....or maybe not..i need a job..please guys pray for me that one of the 100's of jobs i have applied to will actually give me a call back..its getting frustrating now and I am starting to give up...*sob sob*


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guys in my life

I know this is my first time writing a full post but wait wait wait before you crucify me I have an excuse.........ok forget it I don't have any but please don't crucify me just yet. I am really enjoying this summer already, working, getting paid and also meeting new guysssssssss. I would have given my other dame halos one, me being very selfless and all but they are thousands of miles away so I get to keep all my guys to So a quick rundown on the guys in my life right now:

1. Wise one (WO)- I think the name says it all. I met WO's junior brother at my cousin's house around May when I came to visit my cousin. He was also staying over before he went to WOs' for the summer. He was really cool and lots of fun, and me being the first born I tend to act like a mother to everyone around me older or younger. He admired what Morenike stands for and tried to hook me up with his senior brother,WO. I spoke to his brother once when he was around then we chatted on facebook a lot. WO is so so smart and I love talking to him about his company and did I mention he has a great sense of humor. When am on the phone with him I am always laughing. Anyways I think he is a great guy and can possibly be Morenike's

2. Prodigal one (PO)- I met PO through my mother's match making services, did I mention she does it for free and no you dont have to fill out any applications she takes the initiative to do it herself. I thought PO was very smart, good christian and all when I first met him 5 years ago but I just couldn't be myself around him because of the fear of being judged. PO is a kind of guy that wants to date one girl and get married to that same girl but me being 16 years old straight out of secondary school and had never had a boyfriend before that was not what I had in mind. I wanted to date other people and see what was out there. To cut the very long story short we grew apart. Fast-forward to this summer I found out that he has a girlfriend now and I have never been more jealous in my life. With my mum rubbing it in about how I lost a great guy and blah blah blah. I was kind of quiet for a week, because for some funny reason I thought he was always going to be there. So after my mourning week I let things go until I got a message from me saying something about how he misses my family and loves us...It took me a while to figure out that it was more directed to guess sometimes I am slow like that.

3. Little one (LO)- So I met LO through his sister and my cousin trying to hook us up. I don't know why I am surrounded by e-Harmony wannabe employees!LO and I started talking and oh my days he is such a gentleman, he opens doors, gives compliments, smart, ambitious and very sweet. He also has a great sense of me I am a sucker for any guy with a great sense of humor. I don't want to have a house or raise an uptight family so all those guys that take themselves too seriously are a no-no for me. Anyways back to LO, he makes me feel like a lady and he is very respectful but the problem here is *cough cough* he is 19! and I am going to be 22!. What kind of life is this now?! I really don't know what to do because I don't want to be a sugar mummy, cradle rocker or whatever it is you people call it nowadays. Ayanfe stop freaking laughing its not funny lol. You guys should come up with a solution to this problem asap!
Anyways I am going to stop here for now because I have to get ready for work. Maybe I will continue when I get off work maybe


Monday, June 22, 2009

P and Ayanfe = serious VENTing!!!!!

okay two issues to deal with:

First, Ayo why u gon put ma business out there like dat.....wats wrong wit u!!! At least let me cast myself first....will deal wit u later.

Secondly am feeling dara rite nw...i seriously just want to vent and this seems the perfect place to. Ehh see me see wahala, why r guyz just designed to fustrate me (and i think its just me God fashioned dem to jokes). Okay so i liked this guy, P, a few yrs back but he was in a fling with some one i knew, so as per the good girl that i am i kept my feelings to my self....and see oo i havnt died! So why in God's name is he telling me now that his always liked me and lately thats all he can think about. Thats now not the bullet, he actually finds a way to blame me for the fact that we could have had somthing then cos his in a relationship now (wit the same babe if i might add) mcheww.

In fact i blame myself. I kinda ALWAYS flirt with him just cos its ALWAYS fun to, but i never intend to do anything wit it..... i kept telling ayo its "harmless flirting" i guess not! Neways the whole liking thing started from us flirting then it became serious talk..and biko people dont play Q&A cos that has sent me to hell n back today. We talked for quite a while about this feelings trying to 'clear the air' as he puts it, as i was quite willing to cos i see him this weekend. But i kept laughing during the conversation because i had gone through blanking my feelings from this a long time ago and i dont see why i should re-live that cos his just going through the process....chimo! Neway the convo gets so heated up, we blamed each other for things we did n didnt do but the point remains that nothing can happen cos of his babe and i strongly believe in karma. Men i dont want to be hearing one lagos wanna be big girl BLESSING is shaggin ma husband cos i did sumfin with someone elses boyfriend 10, 15 yrs ago abeggy...and i trust city people, thats front cover story (see my assumption about city people, hey they gasto know me cos am going to be the best investment banker in the sha sha we ended the convo on a very bad note and to be very honest we have a really really good friendship and i seriously seriously dont want that to end, but how do we move from here!!!


Ayanfe xxx

he's just not that in to you

hi guys,
This is my first post yeayy!! every1 has been disturbing me cuz im nt really the 'writting type'. Oh well just tried 2 call dara and monisola 2 say wot im about to write bt they didnt pick up so here goes!
Ok i had a MAJOR crush on one guy in my uni and i havent done anything about despite several signs that he may b in to me too! Twas actually his personality that attracted me 2 him first (hmm unlike my darlyn monisola) bt dont get me wrong hes CUTE!
So we all went 2 a theme park last month and we spoke for a bit then (no flirting or anything) and there ws a water ride we both went on and then i got soaking wet including my cherished freshly-curled hair ( i dont joke with my hair!!) and then after he give me his jacket to wear bcos i was cold, we took a few pics on his fone and then he bought me the pic they took of us on the ride :-)! That just sealed the deal that hes definately into me! (or so i thot)! Few days after i invited him and few of our mutual friends to my apartment to eat and as they say the way to a mans heart is tru his stomach! Trust me! certified chef! i made d best jollof rice (morenike can testify!), dodo-gizzard, grilled chicken and pepper chicken for them! they ate till they couldnt move!! And i suggested we play a card game specifically jackpot so i could be his partner( ;-)) and then after we gisted for a bit and then the boys left bt the girls chilled for gossip and more rice cuz some of them were doin babe! all we spke about was hw he defintinately liked me and apparentely the way he looks @ me says it all! oh yea before he left i was saying hw i have never being to his side of town and he sed i could come anytym and we exchanged numbers!
He didnt call or text 2 weeks after so i confided in Ayanfe AFTER she finished pouring out her heart about her drama! nehoo Ayanfe told me i should send him a text just 2 check up on him! I couldnt ! im so tradtional and think boys should do all the work or @ least make the first move! im used to doin shakara and making boys work for me (that gist is for another day), so i just couldnt get myself to sending him the text and i cant handle rejection! So built up the courage after remembering Tokunbo's 2hr convo we had last wkd about hw we just shouldnt live on WHATS IFS and i finally sent the text like 2hrs ago and bout 20mins after i got a txt from his other number (i think it is cuz i dont have that number on my phone) sayin ' sorry, who is this pls?' and i sed oh its Ayo and then he hasnt replied!!!!!!!

I cant believe it, i feel like such fool for putting myself out there and what do i get in return?? I have just had it with guys *sigh*. so i guess 'he wasnt just that in 2 me' :(


I am better than this right......????

Buenos dias mi amigos....
No blog yesterday as I was having one of them tough days...I was home alone sis didn't tell me she was going out until 2mins before walking out the door, turns out she was going to tokunbo's house sef and i could have gone but it was too late so i just chilled at home alone instead..
I tried to keep myself busy...watched tv, cooked some nice fried rice...had some cake, icecream...but still time seemed to be going very slowly!...and you know what they say able idle start thinking of really stupid i got my laptop and spent errr....this is so embarassing...a good few hrs( i wont say exactly how long cos thats even more embarassing) trying to hack onto my ex's facebook account..lolzzzz..yes! i was like WTF!!! this is the height mehn..but i still did it anyway...what didn't i try..mums name, ex girlfrind-ssssss names....sisters it i tried it..but none of it worked! DAMMIT|!!!...I don't even know exactly what i was looking for jooo...after all what is my business right??...i broke up with him..its not like he dumped me so why am i bothered??? be honest i don't know...i just need proof ....valid proof to know that my breaking up with him was for legit reason..i.e he was cheating on me....
I guess where all this came from was a 2 hrs fone call from one of his really good female friends,Temi and she was like do i think if he was rilli dating the gal i met in the club she would have been all smiley and chatty about the whole situation and that from what she knows, the babe is a bit of a psycho and would do anything to get what she she wants him...but he apparently wants me...and she was just trying to make me think he and her had something....but am i supposed to believe this...He also went to Temi, who i am friends with through him and told her that he wants to beg but he didn't know where to strat begging from or how to beg..that it seems like my mind is made up...i was thinking see dis stupid boy ooo...wheter or not a girl has made up her mind about you..boys hardly ever take no for an answer except its rilli what they hes just making excuses....kmt!!!!
Sha sha ..after this phone conversation with his friend Temi...i now started thinking maybe i should have picked up his he was calling to beg....and then i did it!!...the stupidest thing I have done in a while..actually maybe not the stupidest..but its high up there on the list sha....I picked up my phone and called him....and then when it rang i hung up....arrgghh..somebody shoot me..pls who does that abeg!!! don't break up with someone and start calling them is just not is NOT!!!!...
I of all people should know this given the number of guys i have broken up with in my life..kai and i am only 22 gbe ..i have been around!!!...lmao...So I know I told my friends that I would change and not just date any guy in order to get over 1 guy because dis is what I have done since I was em..16 which explains y I have had so many bf's but I am thinking that I might just have to do it...i've got like 3 options on my neck now that have been a bit persistent (including the wowo one)..lolz...and 2 so and u guys have to allow me to do one of the above!
Ayanfe and Ayo have made it clear that they will disown me if i get back to talking to my ex so i guess you guys have to accept my dating one of these random guys....
Incase any outsider is wondering..i don't sleep with these guys so I haven't really been around per i wont be loosiing much...they r just like distraction until i find the next HOT thing..ya dig!!
Kai...its 10.00 am in the morning..i should be job-hunting...see my life.....


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wove u guys

Ok just a quick note to say that albeit this blog was started without my consent (i shouls sue y'all for using the dara trademark without askin- i shall let it slide this time ladies), i'm actually really grateful you guys have given me an avenue to vent... u guys know talkin about my feelings is hard so in future if u see gist on here i havent told u about first, its because i find it hard to say but way easier to write..... Love u loads

Dara xoxo


In Fact Hi Ham Hangry, Hi am hannoyed...jokes...okay let me stop but im actually quite irritated.

Boys are just silly..... I have really chopped....
See this stupid boy oh.... Just because i said i think we should put our relationship on hold he is giving me attitude.... We ended things mutually on monday... no text no call.... i wont be bothered to keep in touch if you dont..... then friday u send me a text... blah blah blah... u must be joking..... me i dnt have time for ur rubbish oh!! U now call me and ask me to call u back because they wrote MUMU on my forehead ab. I now decide to pity u and reply like 6 hours later.... Fast forward to about an hour and a half ago... You call.. we talk... not much to say.... u tell me your car broke down, ur ex girlfriend was sick so you had a bad day....story story.... what else can i say but 'eyah these things happen'..... toh!!!!..... we hang up.... i feel bad..... I text u saying 'God is in control' (mind u this is for a stupid honda and an ex girlfriend that ' will always be special to you') and im sorry if i was giving u attitude i'm tired story story will call u back..... fast forward to 30 mins ago ......
'hey... watitdo..... were u sleeping'
'so why dint u reply my text uve started usin me to catch trips abi' (said in a joking way)
'shebi u said u were going to call' (this is where i shuld have just respected myself and said ok anyway just checking on you sorry if i was giving u attitude but nooooooooooo.....u kno now.... Dara the glutton for punishment went ahead)
'so blah blah blah....... (here i am really yanning and talking for like 1 minute, giving this dude gist and he is just quiet)
'so ... let me know when ur around so i can pencil u intomy schedule u kno im a very busy lady(running joke)


'Let me call u back.. hang up' WTF!!!!
I have really suffered kai!!!
I have never chopped this kind of insult before.....
To say i am rather miffed is an understatement.
Its all good in the hood tho'

Moral of the story: there are just some people its not worth being friends with

Your Currently rather irritated

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A quick rundown

Ok so here goes my story so far, i think for the past year i've basically been battling with moving on from my ex, i kept on telling myself that we broke up under difficult circumstances and it wasn't like we didn't like each other, but we couldn't be together. As much as i liked to tell myself that i'd moved on, somewhere in the back of my mind i just thought we would end up gettin back together, which is what messed me up for any potentials coming my way.....and here begins the story of Michael. Basically Michael started off liking me, but i was still very much into my ex so i was like i'm sorry i don't think so.....and as we got to know each other we actually became really good friends, and me being me, for some reason things just can't come easily.....i started liking him and i mean really liking him... which was a total shock to me because he didn't fit the mold of wat i thot was my type. Either way yea i started liking him, so we had a random convo about it and it basically turned out that unless i was ready to swipe my v-card it couldn't happen, which i kinda respected him for sayin upfront, but its so frustrating....., so for a while we went back to the whole friendship thing, but we are constantly flirting.....and now i'm on this whole thing about not having any regrets cos i'm so tired of wondering WHAT IF??? so i'm trying to take more chances, and seeing as i like him and it doesn't seem to be going away soon i'm basically on the notion that i will hook up with him, see wat all the fuss is about and take it from there....but as i said me being me...things are never easy, by the time i worked up the nerve to tell him he was leaving the country....i guess on the plus side i'm over my ex TOTALLY, but does it really have to be so hard????......
much love

soy realmente playo? i really shallow

Ola!como hace cada uno hoy? Okay so I am bored as sucks not having a job during the holidays especially when all your friends are working cos you can't really go out by yourself..anyways...i decided to pick up my spanish again...seeing as I took spanish classes about 2 yrs ago and now I can barely make complete i have decided to start speaking again before i totally forget. Hence from now on y'all should expect me to be dropping some spanish sentences in my post...
So today this dude that I have been flirting with on my BB for almost a month now asked me to accompany him to a wedding! and then to go with him to the after party at night..basically spend the whole day together....I was like ah mi dios!....have I been leading him on...I mean its one thing to go and see a movie but its another to go to a wedding with things have to happen in stages right?
-The thing is that this guy is actually really nice and Ayo seems to think I am being shallow by not going with him..oh yeah..thats what this post is about. To be honest my main reason for not going was because I think he is emmm..not very pleasant to look at...aka..wowo!..God forgive me i haven't given birth to my own children but I am looking out for them though...So really am I being shallow?..why can't it just be that I have my own preferences just as there are girls who can't date poor guys, or tall guys, or fat guys...dumb guys....y is it that when it is down to a physical xteristic one automatically assumes that a person is being shallow...Is it really my fault that I don't want to be in a relationship with someone I cannot even look at..i swear..if i can't even look at this guy for 5 mins am i supposed to comprehend kissing him??..lmao
- Dont get me wrong, this guy isn't hunch back of notre dame ...i have even gone to his facebook page several times to look at his pictures from different angles trying to see if i ll see him differently or find something fine on his face to focus on but mehn....all my efforts have been to no availl....whether i look from left, right, top or bottom...i see the same not soo pleasant face....
- So does this make me shallow?.....or I am well within my rights to have my preferences...we all have our individual preferences for everything in life ranging from music taste, to fashion, to ice cream flavors....left to me everyone should be allowed to exercise their preferences over anything in life without being judged.....
P.s did i mention that my ex- boyfriend was calling me today?...hmmm...I have been tempted to pick up sha,,just to hear what he has to say but I know if i pick up i might find myself falling for his excuses again, so i have been holding myself..i hope i don't loose my strength and pick up his call!..guys pray for me...this is why i need a job....idleness can make one do sily things some times....ugh!
k..i ll end my ranting here....

buenas noches mis amigos

After exams shenanigans

Okay so it's friday and i headed up north for Pappy and K's boisterous birthday weekend. Met Pappy a few yrs back through Dele my friend (his girlfriend) and just recently met K thru Pappy. So the weekend started out wit some serious activity...LAZER TAGS!!! Am honestly still trying to recover from that, phew! and after that we the girls went straight to the kitchen and started cooking for the party that night, while the boys ran to their friends house probably playing pro6 giving us the BS of "they want to stay out of our way" mwchewww! why in the world do girls have to do all this stress....dan Allah, biko, joo God try and reverse these situations.

Anyway we finished cooking the jollof rice, fried rice, peppered chicken, seafood platter, some juicy funky made beef, dodo, egusi, pundo....omo am salivating as am remembering men, and everything was just to par (i even had to take pictures...hehe) but really thats not why am blogging. As we were cooking i watched dele stress over everything, she just wanted to make sure everything was going to get done before the party started. she would run to any of us and made sure we tasted everything. i tasted this food so much i kinda lost ma appetite for anything naija for a while. One minute she's worried about the drinks not being enough the next is something else. The funniest thing was she thought the chicken wouldn't be enough and i am telling you the chicken was enough to feed the five thousand and this is no five fishes and two loaves of bread miracle oo, it was just plainly more than enough but she still stressed.

Neway this got me thinking about when i first got to know Dele, the "free spirited" girl...hmmm. we would talk into the late hours of the night about pappy and all things nice but occasionally we get into how his the typical ladies man and trust, HE WASSS!!! okay so Dele was no saint as well, she did her own fair share of playing around hence the "free spirit", but the longer they went out for the faster all the bad behaviours fell. Quite alright she would still second guess where ever he said he was and she didn't have to tell me, i could just tell when she hangs up and just looking at them now all that drama was just a foundation of a good relationship to come. Of course there are still girls flocking around him (we even hatched a plan to shred them during the but she's not edgy anymore cos she's so got the key to his heart.

So the party kicks off and although i didn't get to do much dancing it was still so much fun and of course the girls had to do the cleaning up...LIKE REALLY! but pappy was so happy and very appreciative of what D has done. you could just see it in his eyes like my baby is the GREATEST. so on the train back i find the softer side of Ayanfe thinking....hmmm actually i take that back, it wasn't the softer side of Ayanfe that was thinking men that reality check button was flashing like hell and i realized that everything we do is just a bloody risk. we all kinda have to take that leap of faith, face the risk and hope that the relationship you going into ends up being the real deal and if not its all well and good. There's one thing i have realised is that guys may not love as easy as we women do but they love equally as hard (okay am i being too optimistic And right now i don't know if its the pressure of a young lady in her twenties (cos they have started hinting to me oo) or just seeing Dele so happy (most of the time) but i want that serene feeling like...yup! that property's got me written all over it!!

Love Always
Ayanfe xxx

Friday, June 19, 2009

" WHEN TO LET GO....."

I am pretty sure dara was referring to me in her recent post talking about ladies needing to know when to let go. I usually don't have a problem with moving on and letting go but my most recent relationship which ended yesterday *sob sob* is one that I know I should have gotten out of ages ago but I just kept thinking it would get better.
-I ended it yesterday after the unnecessary drama I had to deal with in public on Wednesday night and I just thought dyu know what..fuck this mehn..I can't be fighting with a psychotic girl over a guy that can't even make up his mind whether he wants to be with me or not. Its so funny cos in the club his ex was following him all night..well they were following each other but whenever any guy tried to chat me he would come and tell them i was his babe and off limits.....yet he totally deserted me in the club claiming he knew I would be okay and he had to make sure everyone ELSE was okay since it was his party..i was like really is that how it works??
- I was rather burnt though coause he was burning my cable and for the first time I actually met a potential future husband...a muslim yoruba guy doing his as helll..but the stupid boy had to tell him to lay off that i was off limits. Ayo will testify to this..being the muslim ones we've been searching for potential future partners...anyway I will make some calls and try and find that guy, hopefully he wouldn't have found another babe by then..hehe
-So this stupid EX-boyfriend of mine always complains about how he doesn't want his business to be public yet he always manages to make a scene everytime we are out together and I am like I think he actually loves the attention and just keeps telling people he doesn't. Would you believe what his excuse was when I confronted him about deserting me at parties but when we chill during the day and at home he's all over me or when we just go to clubs like movida and stuff where there are hardly any nigerians and its just us...
-His excuse was that he doesn't like public display of movida isn't a public place.....errrr.....eating out in a restaurant is not a publc far as i am concerned he meant he didn't want people in the "nigerian scene" to know??? which doesn't make any sense whatsoever??!!..I am still trying to comprehend everything...and it doesn't help that his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him is now all of a sudden his best friend.
- Its amazing how things work, when we first started dating he never even used to pick up her calls, it was me who convinced him that because they were not dating anymore didn't mean they couldn't be friends and be civil with each other, and after a few months he started talking to her....and all of a sudden i am the enemy and she is the best friend...if i had known i would have just minded my business and joined him in calling her a psycho...bitch...pros..and all the crazy names he used to call her and i used to ask him to not call her....
- I probably did it because i knew i would be an ex one day and I wouldn't want him talking about me like that to his a way i was looking out for my like I care what names he calls me though...he can't even call me names cos it was him that fucked up not me...:-)
-Okay so I have finished blabbing, today is the first day towards my new beginning(lol...i hope he doesn't call me to beg or anything) he already told a friend of mine that i was only angry and would understand and forgive him in a few he apparently said it so confidently as well....KMT.......
- So who has any fine brothers or knows any fine guys , minimum age 24, preferrably but not essentially a muslim,NOT but not too smart to outsmart me....did i mention goodlooking..that is ESSENTIAL!!...well spoken.....clean know the laff but i am not joking....lemme know....i will be waiting...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Annoying things about my people...

guys: Dnt ask me if my hair is real if i just met u... I mean WTF...... that is so rude.... Chivalry is dead in nigeria

babes: Quick question when you meet a fellow babe for the first time what is up with all the attitude, I mean i know i'm a fine babe but common now.....

guys: If you are doing multiple runs, u need to calculate properly so it doesnt blow up in your face in public... Its very embarassing to watch and it seems every where i go there is some couple fight going on... you need to keep ur business out of the streets.

babes: Why oh why must you go aroung hoeing with a group friends.. it makes for tacky gist (and although i like gist, this line of gist is played out. just different names).... I'm all for sexual liberation but common now u cant sleep with three friends and not expect it to get out.

guys: Warahell... can't u shut the hell up. Whyy must you carry the gist of ever girl you have slept with. We arent in secondary school anymore where such things add to your rep. Y'all need to grow up.

babes: We all need to learn when to let a guy go (even I am guilty of this crime), lines like where am i going to start from, he's different when we are together, I love him.... just dont cut it if he is cheating on your ass or the relationship just isnt working.....

guys: Arab money????, poping champagne and using it to wash your hands or pouring it on the floor....... really!!!!!....... enough said

This is a series which i shall continue as the need arises....

Dara xoxo

"I Love you but I'm not in love with you"

Lately i've heard this phrase going round and as intellectual as i am (or i would like to think so), I do not understand the difference. Surely if you love someone you are also in love with them. I need to be enlightened on the difference and fast!!!!!!

In other news

- my results are coming out next week and i'm so scared i can cut my fear with a knife. Anyway GOD dey!!!

- I cant stop stalking a certain someone. Its been over a year... as in serously... the funny thing is in the begining I had a slight crush on this guy now its more of wanting to check up on him to see if he is fine, or sad or what his latest status update it. The scary thing is i have never met or seen him before, i stalk him via my friends facebook page... sad i know. I either need help or I need to meet my stalkee... I prefer the second option. I'm scared oh... neither tales of his cheating on his girlfriend or his baby mama drama or his overwhelming love for himself has made is a turn off... i need serious help... This cannot be healthy. He isnt even that hot... okay i lie :-)

- I have officially ended things with Derwin Davies* (a girl can dream can't she). Funny enough I thought i would be more upset about it but I dont feel anything, i feel more numb and indifferent than sad.

- Its 2:20am and I cant sleep... not good for my face at all

Dara xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thursday is finally here

OMG !!!! Thursday is just two days away. Ayo will be coming down to spend some time with me and to attend my party . I am kind of scared that the party might be a flop cause I don’t think people are actually going to show up. We had to get most popular DJ in town for the party so hopefully that will attract some people. Either way, as long as there is music I am ready to shake my toosh to some good r n b and Nigerian music. Plus Ayo will be here for the first time so we can cause some trouble. I also have to be looking my utmost best as I have had a “celebrity” crush on this guy Shola since end of last yr( I say celebrity because he is one them popular guys) .Stupid thing is that the dude actually tried to chat me up after some party and I totally ignored him...LOL...Gosh I hate myself sometimes! So yeah, he’s going to be at this party on Thursday and get this, the hotel he is staying at is right outside my house!! Don’t worry I am not a stalker, I don’t intend on stalking him, I might just bump into him randomly (fingers crossed). But I know myself though, when it comes to guys I am all talk and no show J I always shy away when I eventually get to meet my crushes. I can flirt over the phone or chat and stuff but then when I meet then face to face I get all funny. My friends think I am actually not even going to acknowledge his presence at the party on Thursday that I will freeze as usual. But I think it might be different this time though he randomly added me on his blackberry messenger 2 weeks ago. As in when I got the request I was a bit scared at first, it didn’t make any sense and I was like OMG has he found out that I have a crush on embarrassing..blah blah. So I stalled for a bit, playing hard to get and then I eventually accepted him. A few days after we actually had a conversation and we were BB-ing each other till about 2am, it was like a dream I swear. Next day we chatted again..nothing too interesting just the usual getting to know you stuff ..asked me if i was single and I said forgive me and may my “bf” never find out about that conversation . I put “bf” in quote because the relationship is on the, that story is for another day. Anyway we chatted went on till about 3am again, then he asked for my number and he called me and we spoke. That’s where it all went downhill, this guys is hella attractive believe me, my taste for guys is a bit high, but after I spoke to him I was like...errr could he just be eye candy with no personality???..He came across as very fake, always knew what to say and stuff , plus he giggled twice as much as I did which was a bit worrying. Sha, haven’t spoken or chatted to him since then but I keep telling myself that he was nervous that’s why he sounded like that on the phone, lets hope he redeems himself on Thursday.

So Yes , I cannot wait for Thursday, I am getting my eyelashes done, never done that before I am the type of girl that dresses up for a party in 5 mins, if i am forced to or I am feeling extra excited I might wear some make up, but I am going all out on Thursday. Things might get complicated though; my “bf” might be coming on Thursday as well. Anyway, will let you guys know how Thursday goes..