Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The summer Holidays so far!!!

Summer Fling- check
Graduation- check
Job- so not checked
Swine Flu scare- check
Bad Night out with the girls minus 1- check

I can't believe my summer fling is over before the end of july!!!! What am I going to be doing for the rest of the summer (as the job search has been abandoned)... This problem has to be remedied ASAP!!! So oya awon girls start hooking a sister up and awon boys start dialling my number.

This summer is my worst thought out ever. I should have gone to naij to work... I can't believe I'm actually eager for school to start.

Oh and Moni I do not HATE the Ex... That you would think i do...sigh.... it beats my imagination :-)....U also kno I am Pro Abdul....enuff said about ur topsy turvy lovelife... However if you need me to organise the law mafia to beat the Ex up for spreading those stupid rumours about you guys being back together and you meeting up with him, I shall very much oblige...

P.s- Now you guys can get off my back bout blogging.....mwahaha!!!...I now hereby Tag the other one.... u kno the one with runs that she started in september and that still hasnt reached anywhere...


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