Thursday, July 9, 2009

CONFUSED.COM ( part 1..on a serious note)

I see none of my dames have had time to blog...dont be fooled oh..atleast i know ayanfe and dara are jobless like me so idk why they are fronting for blogsville. Oh well...lemme blog again so we don't lose the few readers that we have managed to acquire..I mean there are readers right?...I want to believe I have not just been blogging for my fellow dames.... I am confused about soooooooooo many things right now, i don't even know where to start. I 'll start with the more important stuff which is my future, i guess all of it is my future actually but the more important part of my future would be my employability.
So we all know I just finished..uni...but i am not a very happy graduate..I got my results last week and I wanted to go six feet under. Honestly really took me by shock to see my grade and find out I had a lower second class....I am not saying pple that get this have not worked hard or a dumb or anything but considering the grades i've been getting all my life (forgive me if I am sounding arrogant or proud it is not my intention) ...this is a bit below expectations and even though people have said congratulations and it could have been worse..they have not hidden their shock and dissappointment on my performance.
One minute I am feeling angry that my supervisor is making comments like "sometimes good students get mediocre grades"...when he said that to me...i didn't know if i should look at it as a compliment that he thought i was a good student...or if i should take offense in him calling my grades "mediocre"....either way....I know I am not too pleased but I am thanking God atleast that I have been able to gradually deal with it. My really good friend Teni....was on a first class and ended up with a lower second class as well ( yes i know..its like a curse) anyway..she on the other hand has been crying for almost a week now...cant even tell her uncle that she lives with and it makes me wonder y extended family members put unnecessary pressure on people. I mean she's told her mum and her mum though dissappointed has accepted it but this girl cannot still come to terms with telling her uncle...I just hope she doesnt kill herself with hypertension...
So now I have a lower second class....atleast I have graduated right??!! all the uni's i applied to for masters have a minimum entry requirement of and upper second class...i have called up a few asking if they sometimes consider people with lower grades but they say no outrightly I am struggling to find a good business school to do a good masters so it can make up for my undergrad....right employability in the sector I want to go to is close to ZERO...ZILT....NADA!!...if i said i wasn't scared I would be lying to myself...before you even start filling their applications the first question is have you obtained atleast an upper second class in your undergraduate degree?...if the answer is no, 90% of the employers don't even let you bother filling the do you get a decent job with a lower second class??
So now I am thinking...since I ain't got no job..and I dont have any standing offers for masters yet..( well i have an offer but it was conditional upon me getting an upper second class).....I am considering going to Nigeria for a year..maybe do my NYSC once and for all and get it over and done with...but then if I come back for masters in a 2.2 wouldn't have change..i would still be applying to schools with the same grade....chances are their entry requirements would not have really does it make much it possible that some uni's might be willing to offer me place with my grade because I would be more qualified in the sense that I have a degree and one yr professional work experience????......this right here is my dilemma....should i go to naij....should i stay here and lower my standard of unis...just go to any uni that will take me for a masters even if its a crap one??..

confused on a lighter note..coming soon



  1. Numero Uno baby...on my first visit too!!!!!

  2. 2:2 is a bitch u know...I have a 2:2 as well but it didn't and won't still stop's not the end of the world and it's not ta determinant of your career...dis is me trying to give advice lol

  3. lol...Sir Scribbles...i like....thanks for the word of advice...can i ask if you did a masters after your undergrad..did it make a and visit us more often...u won't regret it..hehe...

  4. lol...I'm doing my post grad right now. I'm doing a PgD and Msc in strategic business IT...d name just long 4 nothin lol. Shey I'm following you now, anywhere u go I go lol

  5. for real, my gpa gives me concern sometimes. but i have come to realise that what I cant do to boost my gpa wud be made up for outside the class.

    I have not graded but i think going for ur nysc is not a bad idea cos its a time for u to take a break and rethink things. u must not even do the nysc literally if u have ur way. business may even be ur call :)).

  6. @ yinkuslolo...taking a break to rethink things is what i was thinking as well, cos tbh i have applied to about 10 schools for masters and all the courses are different...its like i dont even know what i want to specialise in...i just all over the place...*SIGH*

  7. @ Sir Scribbles..better stay close to my bumper i don't loose you...lolsss

  8. Of course you gals have got readers! Did y'all forget me?

    Speaking seriously, I understand what you're going through after studying so hard. My case was worse. I got a third class which here in Naija means you just went to Uni to pay fees.

    Guess what? I did eventually find someone who'd employ a third class grad. I've left that job now and I'm looking forward to forwarding my degree but my point is: take heart dear. There are always exceptions to every rule, even amongst universities...


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