Monday, June 22, 2009

P and Ayanfe = serious VENTing!!!!!

okay two issues to deal with:

First, Ayo why u gon put ma business out there like dat.....wats wrong wit u!!! At least let me cast myself first....will deal wit u later.

Secondly am feeling dara rite nw...i seriously just want to vent and this seems the perfect place to. Ehh see me see wahala, why r guyz just designed to fustrate me (and i think its just me God fashioned dem to jokes). Okay so i liked this guy, P, a few yrs back but he was in a fling with some one i knew, so as per the good girl that i am i kept my feelings to my self....and see oo i havnt died! So why in God's name is he telling me now that his always liked me and lately thats all he can think about. Thats now not the bullet, he actually finds a way to blame me for the fact that we could have had somthing then cos his in a relationship now (wit the same babe if i might add) mcheww.

In fact i blame myself. I kinda ALWAYS flirt with him just cos its ALWAYS fun to, but i never intend to do anything wit it..... i kept telling ayo its "harmless flirting" i guess not! Neways the whole liking thing started from us flirting then it became serious talk..and biko people dont play Q&A cos that has sent me to hell n back today. We talked for quite a while about this feelings trying to 'clear the air' as he puts it, as i was quite willing to cos i see him this weekend. But i kept laughing during the conversation because i had gone through blanking my feelings from this a long time ago and i dont see why i should re-live that cos his just going through the process....chimo! Neway the convo gets so heated up, we blamed each other for things we did n didnt do but the point remains that nothing can happen cos of his babe and i strongly believe in karma. Men i dont want to be hearing one lagos wanna be big girl BLESSING is shaggin ma husband cos i did sumfin with someone elses boyfriend 10, 15 yrs ago abeggy...and i trust city people, thats front cover story (see my assumption about city people, hey they gasto know me cos am going to be the best investment banker in the sha sha we ended the convo on a very bad note and to be very honest we have a really really good friendship and i seriously seriously dont want that to end, but how do we move from here!!!


Ayanfe xxx

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  1. i knew this was going to happen....


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