Thursday, June 18, 2009

"I Love you but I'm not in love with you"

Lately i've heard this phrase going round and as intellectual as i am (or i would like to think so), I do not understand the difference. Surely if you love someone you are also in love with them. I need to be enlightened on the difference and fast!!!!!!

In other news

- my results are coming out next week and i'm so scared i can cut my fear with a knife. Anyway GOD dey!!!

- I cant stop stalking a certain someone. Its been over a year... as in serously... the funny thing is in the begining I had a slight crush on this guy now its more of wanting to check up on him to see if he is fine, or sad or what his latest status update it. The scary thing is i have never met or seen him before, i stalk him via my friends facebook page... sad i know. I either need help or I need to meet my stalkee... I prefer the second option. I'm scared oh... neither tales of his cheating on his girlfriend or his baby mama drama or his overwhelming love for himself has made is a turn off... i need serious help... This cannot be healthy. He isnt even that hot... okay i lie :-)

- I have officially ended things with Derwin Davies* (a girl can dream can't she). Funny enough I thought i would be more upset about it but I dont feel anything, i feel more numb and indifferent than sad.

- Its 2:20am and I cant sleep... not good for my face at all

Dara xoxoxo

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  1. hey dara, i totally get you! i am in ur shoes right now! lol! have you resolved the situation?? mine has been 6mnths of stalking facebook, i am tired!!! LMAO!


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