Monday, August 10, 2009

Living on the fast lane and loving it!!!

Wow.....haven't been in blogsville in a while. Its not my fault though, I have just been trying to enjoy boring old summer in this God forsaken country.
I don't even know where to start mehn, past few days have been hectic, I have literally been out like 4 nights in a row! like seriously.
First night was amazing, it was wande coals album launch, i knew i had to be there! Dara was meant to come with me but her flaky self cancelled on me as usual. So i went with another friend of mine and my brother which was cool. Got there at first and they said entry fee was £30 quid, i am like wth..flyer says £25 sha sha..i wasn't turning back..had to see my i paid in...decided to get a drink..please ask me how much a drink at this mayfair club was ooo...ordinary coke and something....cnt remember what they mixed it with..£9.20..i was like ...wah....thats £60 pounds already in the space of an h..cos i took cab there...i was like mehn..this night better be worth it....and believe me it was..Wande has such an amazing voice..he was such a good performer as well...i couldn't even comport myself...he came in front of me and him and Dr Sid were singing taboo and i was windin my waist for them..forgetting about all the cameras and the video day like this i saw pics and video on you tube and I was like OMG...what was i thinking..and thank God for bad lightning cos you could hardly see my face. You would only know it was me if you knew what i was wearing that day or if you were the one standing next to me...PHEWW!!!...we all know i have my rep to keep to standards.
So apart from wande's performance my night was off the in..too many men!!..ahn ahn...this one trying to get my number here..another one tryna over a point my borther came to drag me and was like wasup with all these guys on ur neck..and this is my 17yrs old brother was not particularly interested in any of them sha....well..except one of them( which i will call segun) who was rilli cute and has the sexiest eyes in...God help me and my weakness for fine boys. We talked and danced for a bit and then i decided to go mingle so the guy wouldn't think he had hit jackpot..u know..front small sha...then he dragged me to one corner and we sat and talked for a while...and hes you know u have an amazing ask me what i said ooooo...hehe...stupid me was like " i know, everybody tells me that..its like a cliche now"..LOL.....idk what came over me..i swear i think it was the maybe i have an arrogant split personality...sasha arrogant..haha...the guy just burst out laffing....he was like..what happened to ....thankyou...i was like..i honestly meant o say thank u....donno y i said that...while we were still debating over my answer to the compliment...dis dude walks up to me and hes like u r a den segun is i know y u gave me that answer earlier on...i guess u rili do hear it a bit too
Anyway..night came to an end and we didn't exchange numbers....but we decided to rendezvous at a club on thursday night....
Rewind to earlier in the night, there was this guy i met who i had met twice before and he'd tried to get my number but i neva gave him...his name is dele...sha...i was feeling a bit nice on wednesday night so i gave him my number sha..well lemme not say i was feeling nice....he just moved down the road to my apartment and he has a car so yeah..i knew he would come in handy cos hes a rilli nice guy but i know too much of his dirt to want to have anything to do with him. He just bangs girls everywhere and im pretty sure he is just looking to get me on that list which will never happen...haha..
And thursday night was full of surprises......
I shall blog about that tomorrow...or later today....
Hint: dele , segun , 2 new suitors aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd..(drum rolls)//my EX BF showed up.....


  1. nice gist abi sizzling. u're too much to be passed by then. wait! which of the Dame Halos wrote this

  2. Plenty activity..
    Wande's been burning up those airmiles..

  3. LOL..I'll be right back, i just need to take a stroll over to youtube for a bit of....researcH!

    oh and you gave oga segun an opening if u do not know. U won't realise it but as I guy ur 2 replies to that question are a sure opening lol

    come in handy? dat's how u refer to a human being? (Note to self: FEAR WOMEN MEHN!!! lol)

  4. haha..sribbles lemme know how ur research pretty confident that u'll neva know my true identity...lolzz

  5. after a lil research on youtube i gave up, scribbles send the link when you see it o!
    i feel you on that come in handy o!

  6. KONFIRMEDD!!!!!!!!! As in God bless HD laptops mehn! I am officially stating that I know how Monisola in dis Scribbles boy is too much mehn! Rene...dis info will cost u money mehn lol!...But babe U dey whine oh no joke lol How oga Wande dey even see road wiv those dark shades mehn!

  7. @ sir scribbles lol..i don't believe you...just so u know..i was NOT...i repeat...was NOT...da girl in the black skirt winding...hehe...shes d one that was perfectly i said..thank God for bad way in this world u woulda seen me...i am sooooooo sure of
    @rene..don't mind him..keep ur money...d video ain't worth seeing...lwkmd

  8. robby, I got the video. thats if u have the correct one. lol. moni, so u d girl on a white tank abi.

    rene, dont pay abeg

  9. white tank? in white tank..all these people u guys r spotting were perfectly visible..i said i was thanking GOD for poor lighting..hence..i was almost invisible..u people should just give up..nice try
    p.s there are like 4 diff videos...u might not even be looking at d right one..which is good..lolz


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