Friday, June 19, 2009

" WHEN TO LET GO....."

I am pretty sure dara was referring to me in her recent post talking about ladies needing to know when to let go. I usually don't have a problem with moving on and letting go but my most recent relationship which ended yesterday *sob sob* is one that I know I should have gotten out of ages ago but I just kept thinking it would get better.
-I ended it yesterday after the unnecessary drama I had to deal with in public on Wednesday night and I just thought dyu know what..fuck this mehn..I can't be fighting with a psychotic girl over a guy that can't even make up his mind whether he wants to be with me or not. Its so funny cos in the club his ex was following him all night..well they were following each other but whenever any guy tried to chat me he would come and tell them i was his babe and off limits.....yet he totally deserted me in the club claiming he knew I would be okay and he had to make sure everyone ELSE was okay since it was his party..i was like really is that how it works??
- I was rather burnt though coause he was burning my cable and for the first time I actually met a potential future husband...a muslim yoruba guy doing his as helll..but the stupid boy had to tell him to lay off that i was off limits. Ayo will testify to this..being the muslim ones we've been searching for potential future partners...anyway I will make some calls and try and find that guy, hopefully he wouldn't have found another babe by then..hehe
-So this stupid EX-boyfriend of mine always complains about how he doesn't want his business to be public yet he always manages to make a scene everytime we are out together and I am like I think he actually loves the attention and just keeps telling people he doesn't. Would you believe what his excuse was when I confronted him about deserting me at parties but when we chill during the day and at home he's all over me or when we just go to clubs like movida and stuff where there are hardly any nigerians and its just us...
-His excuse was that he doesn't like public display of movida isn't a public place.....errrr.....eating out in a restaurant is not a publc far as i am concerned he meant he didn't want people in the "nigerian scene" to know??? which doesn't make any sense whatsoever??!!..I am still trying to comprehend everything...and it doesn't help that his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him is now all of a sudden his best friend.
- Its amazing how things work, when we first started dating he never even used to pick up her calls, it was me who convinced him that because they were not dating anymore didn't mean they couldn't be friends and be civil with each other, and after a few months he started talking to her....and all of a sudden i am the enemy and she is the best friend...if i had known i would have just minded my business and joined him in calling her a psycho...bitch...pros..and all the crazy names he used to call her and i used to ask him to not call her....
- I probably did it because i knew i would be an ex one day and I wouldn't want him talking about me like that to his a way i was looking out for my like I care what names he calls me though...he can't even call me names cos it was him that fucked up not me...:-)
-Okay so I have finished blabbing, today is the first day towards my new beginning(lol...i hope he doesn't call me to beg or anything) he already told a friend of mine that i was only angry and would understand and forgive him in a few he apparently said it so confidently as well....KMT.......
- So who has any fine brothers or knows any fine guys , minimum age 24, preferrably but not essentially a muslim,NOT but not too smart to outsmart me....did i mention goodlooking..that is ESSENTIAL!!...well spoken.....clean know the laff but i am not joking....lemme know....i will be waiting...


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  1. Serves him right....get rid of the faggot!


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