Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The life of a topsy-turvy graduate!!!!!

Okay blogs ville i do actually have a very good reason why i havnt blogged in a while. so here it goes, BT is a bastard company, i swear!!! can u imagin my internet wasnt working and i called this people. After the very long hold and difficult dialogue we sha sha got to an understanding that i need an engineer to fix it and dat it would be fixed later that day. So one day, two days, three days, four days....infact as am remembering i still want to vex and change from BT but nt to lie sha dey give very good service their head is just big, secondly i no be the bill payer.

Yes i know that reason isn't valid for disappearing for weeks but i no fit explain everything to ya'll nw *wink* ......anyhoos back to the koko of this blogging , i am officially a GRADUATE.....yeepee! Graduated a few weeks back and although i was a bit disappointed with my result and the fact that with what i have the uni's i applied to for masters will not take me but i have moved pass dat and have become very gratefull to God. As my mum always says "olorun ku suuru" meaning "God is really patient". How did i go to school for 3yrs, wasnt hospitalised, didnt have to leave school b'cos of the loss of anybody, did all my exams, made good friends and finally graduated and am grunting for days about my result. I know people dat died while in school, some are not even graduating. Yes we not going to the same house but when you think about it it's all God's grace so i decided enough is enough oo ayanfe we shall be gratefull and i have been.

I love my family to death (u guyz shud get ready to hear dat often) as in i love them. The most supportive group of people (dnt jealous me people....lol).They have made me feel like i graduated with a first class. Do u knw about 25 people came for ma grad ceremony..... like really!!! its only my family that we had to take the group picture outside. lol. So my sister said to me "ayanfe its not what you have that makes you, its what you make of it that makes you". So instead of going to the great land of NAIJA i stayed and started all my applications again and yeah am still waiting for uni's to reply but dilemma has set in!! I got a great summer internship job at BGL. Basicly if i do the internship with them and i do well dey are willing to take me after i do my NYSC and pay me full time, they also said if i work for a year with them they can send me for my masters. So money isnt an issue here but they offered all this just based on a recommendation, so am really happy about it (and i took it as a sign that my luck is changing....SCHOOLS NEXT PLEASE! .hehehe) but now am very confused as to if i should go to naij and do the internship or just stay and finish sorting out my schools. Staying because the schools might send letters to me or ask for an interview OR going for the intenship because its actually a great opportunity as i intend to move home later in life.

By the way i decided to go home and do the internship although i would say the fact that ma whole fam is home n dey r havin too much fun while i wait influenced that decision small......lol. But on a serious note i want honest opinion as to if am doing the right thing cos if am questioning it something has to be wrong rite?....SO WHAT IS THIS TOPSY-TURVY GRADUATE TO DO???

Wow dat was a lot of ranting but on the side, i have been listening to yemi sax a lot lately...i find the whole sax thing so sweet and relaxing. The guy has mad talent i must say. ya'll should listen to some.....HASTA LUEGO!!

Love always
....in God i trust xxx


  1. sorry people...BGL is an investment company in naij.



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