Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thursday is finally here

OMG !!!! Thursday is just two days away. Ayo will be coming down to spend some time with me and to attend my party . I am kind of scared that the party might be a flop cause I don’t think people are actually going to show up. We had to get most popular DJ in town for the party so hopefully that will attract some people. Either way, as long as there is music I am ready to shake my toosh to some good r n b and Nigerian music. Plus Ayo will be here for the first time so we can cause some trouble. I also have to be looking my utmost best as I have had a “celebrity” crush on this guy Shola since end of last yr( I say celebrity because he is one them popular guys) .Stupid thing is that the dude actually tried to chat me up after some party and I totally ignored him...LOL...Gosh I hate myself sometimes! So yeah, he’s going to be at this party on Thursday and get this, the hotel he is staying at is right outside my house!! Don’t worry I am not a stalker, I don’t intend on stalking him, I might just bump into him randomly (fingers crossed). But I know myself though, when it comes to guys I am all talk and no show J I always shy away when I eventually get to meet my crushes. I can flirt over the phone or chat and stuff but then when I meet then face to face I get all funny. My friends think I am actually not even going to acknowledge his presence at the party on Thursday that I will freeze as usual. But I think it might be different this time though he randomly added me on his blackberry messenger 2 weeks ago. As in when I got the request I was a bit scared at first, it didn’t make any sense and I was like OMG has he found out that I have a crush on him...how embarrassing..blah blah. So I stalled for a bit, playing hard to get and then I eventually accepted him. A few days after we actually had a conversation and we were BB-ing each other till about 2am, it was like a dream I swear. Next day we chatted again..nothing too interesting just the usual getting to know you stuff ..asked me if i was single and I said Yes..lol...God forgive me and may my “bf” never find out about that conversation . I put “bf” in quote because the relationship is on the rocks..lol, that story is for another day. Anyway we chatted went on till about 3am again, then he asked for my number and he called me and we spoke. That’s where it all went downhill, this guys is hella attractive believe me, my taste for guys is a bit high, but after I spoke to him I was like...errr could he just be eye candy with no personality???..He came across as very fake, always knew what to say and stuff , plus he giggled twice as much as I did which was a bit worrying. Sha, haven’t spoken or chatted to him since then but I keep telling myself that he was nervous that’s why he sounded like that on the phone, lets hope he redeems himself on Thursday.

So Yes , I cannot wait for Thursday, I am getting my eyelashes done, never done that before I am the type of girl that dresses up for a party in 5 mins, if i am forced to or I am feeling extra excited I might wear some make up, but I am going all out on Thursday. Things might get complicated though; my “bf” might be coming on Thursday as well. Anyway, will let you guys know how Thursday goes..



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