Sunday, June 21, 2009


In Fact Hi Ham Hangry, Hi am hannoyed...jokes...okay let me stop but im actually quite irritated.

Boys are just silly..... I have really chopped....
See this stupid boy oh.... Just because i said i think we should put our relationship on hold he is giving me attitude.... We ended things mutually on monday... no text no call.... i wont be bothered to keep in touch if you dont..... then friday u send me a text... blah blah blah... u must be joking..... me i dnt have time for ur rubbish oh!! U now call me and ask me to call u back because they wrote MUMU on my forehead ab. I now decide to pity u and reply like 6 hours later.... Fast forward to about an hour and a half ago... You call.. we talk... not much to say.... u tell me your car broke down, ur ex girlfriend was sick so you had a bad day....story story.... what else can i say but 'eyah these things happen'..... toh!!!!..... we hang up.... i feel bad..... I text u saying 'God is in control' (mind u this is for a stupid honda and an ex girlfriend that ' will always be special to you') and im sorry if i was giving u attitude i'm tired story story will call u back..... fast forward to 30 mins ago ......
'hey... watitdo..... were u sleeping'
'so why dint u reply my text uve started usin me to catch trips abi' (said in a joking way)
'shebi u said u were going to call' (this is where i shuld have just respected myself and said ok anyway just checking on you sorry if i was giving u attitude but nooooooooooo.....u kno now.... Dara the glutton for punishment went ahead)
'so blah blah blah....... (here i am really yanning and talking for like 1 minute, giving this dude gist and he is just quiet)
'so ... let me know when ur around so i can pencil u intomy schedule u kno im a very busy lady(running joke)


'Let me call u back.. hang up' WTF!!!!
I have really suffered kai!!!
I have never chopped this kind of insult before.....
To say i am rather miffed is an understatement.
Its all good in the hood tho'

Moral of the story: there are just some people its not worth being friends with

Your Currently rather irritated

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