Monday, June 22, 2009

he's just not that in to you

hi guys,
This is my first post yeayy!! every1 has been disturbing me cuz im nt really the 'writting type'. Oh well just tried 2 call dara and monisola 2 say wot im about to write bt they didnt pick up so here goes!
Ok i had a MAJOR crush on one guy in my uni and i havent done anything about despite several signs that he may b in to me too! Twas actually his personality that attracted me 2 him first (hmm unlike my darlyn monisola) bt dont get me wrong hes CUTE!
So we all went 2 a theme park last month and we spoke for a bit then (no flirting or anything) and there ws a water ride we both went on and then i got soaking wet including my cherished freshly-curled hair ( i dont joke with my hair!!) and then after he give me his jacket to wear bcos i was cold, we took a few pics on his fone and then he bought me the pic they took of us on the ride :-)! That just sealed the deal that hes definately into me! (or so i thot)! Few days after i invited him and few of our mutual friends to my apartment to eat and as they say the way to a mans heart is tru his stomach! Trust me! certified chef! i made d best jollof rice (morenike can testify!), dodo-gizzard, grilled chicken and pepper chicken for them! they ate till they couldnt move!! And i suggested we play a card game specifically jackpot so i could be his partner( ;-)) and then after we gisted for a bit and then the boys left bt the girls chilled for gossip and more rice cuz some of them were doin babe! all we spke about was hw he defintinately liked me and apparentely the way he looks @ me says it all! oh yea before he left i was saying hw i have never being to his side of town and he sed i could come anytym and we exchanged numbers!
He didnt call or text 2 weeks after so i confided in Ayanfe AFTER she finished pouring out her heart about her drama! nehoo Ayanfe told me i should send him a text just 2 check up on him! I couldnt ! im so tradtional and think boys should do all the work or @ least make the first move! im used to doin shakara and making boys work for me (that gist is for another day), so i just couldnt get myself to sending him the text and i cant handle rejection! So built up the courage after remembering Tokunbo's 2hr convo we had last wkd about hw we just shouldnt live on WHATS IFS and i finally sent the text like 2hrs ago and bout 20mins after i got a txt from his other number (i think it is cuz i dont have that number on my phone) sayin ' sorry, who is this pls?' and i sed oh its Ayo and then he hasnt replied!!!!!!!

I cant believe it, i feel like such fool for putting myself out there and what do i get in return?? I have just had it with guys *sigh*. so i guess 'he wasnt just that in 2 me' :(



  1. Ayo mehn ur rep lol...just joking love. Miss ya much.

  2. sorry oh. i was even thinkin' he was into u. it is gud u know whats up with him now. dont waste ur beautiful time


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