Thursday, June 18, 2009

Annoying things about my people...

guys: Dnt ask me if my hair is real if i just met u... I mean WTF...... that is so rude.... Chivalry is dead in nigeria

babes: Quick question when you meet a fellow babe for the first time what is up with all the attitude, I mean i know i'm a fine babe but common now.....

guys: If you are doing multiple runs, u need to calculate properly so it doesnt blow up in your face in public... Its very embarassing to watch and it seems every where i go there is some couple fight going on... you need to keep ur business out of the streets.

babes: Why oh why must you go aroung hoeing with a group friends.. it makes for tacky gist (and although i like gist, this line of gist is played out. just different names).... I'm all for sexual liberation but common now u cant sleep with three friends and not expect it to get out.

guys: Warahell... can't u shut the hell up. Whyy must you carry the gist of ever girl you have slept with. We arent in secondary school anymore where such things add to your rep. Y'all need to grow up.

babes: We all need to learn when to let a guy go (even I am guilty of this crime), lines like where am i going to start from, he's different when we are together, I love him.... just dont cut it if he is cheating on your ass or the relationship just isnt working.....

guys: Arab money????, poping champagne and using it to wash your hands or pouring it on the floor....... really!!!!!....... enough said

This is a series which i shall continue as the need arises....

Dara xoxo

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