Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture this..

First Scenario
It was Tokunbo's bday about 2 weeks ago...we decided to go to the club and boogie to some fine naija music. On the way to the club whilst we were on the train( yes oo gals like us)..anyway there was this dude and a babe staring at me and talking in some foreign language..probably German or Italian...not sure..
Anyways..the next thing I know..d dude walks u to me and he's like u r absolutely beautiful..can i take a picture of u..
Me...smiling..i was like...with me..hes like no..of in just me in the picture..i thought it was a bit weird but me being the nice person that i am..i said thankyou and i struck a pose....Mind you some of my fellow dames were present and they were all laughing....and the lady that came with the dude was like no seriously...shes stunning..hehe...In my mind.....i was feeling like some super model...maybe it was the red hot striking mini dress i was wearing....naaahhh..i think it was just me..lmao!! my fellow dames and a few friends that we were all on the train together have been tormenting me ooo..saying they will probably use my picture for alterior motives especially since Italy is famous for trafficking naija babes for prostitution...hehe...OH WELL TOO LATE NOW...
So what says you?..would you have allowed a total stranger to take a picture of u??...should i be worried.....

Second Scenario
So I decided to go and meet my ex and have the "talk" he kept insisting we had, i was like whats d worst that could happen....he wants to talk ..then we 'll talk....Anyway...we meet up at a random coffee shop...i get there, take a seat..hi/hello..bla bla...hes like no like nope..lets keep the physical contact to a minimum(hehe) and then he smiles...i couldn't keep the straight face i had planned on smile forward the usual talk...lets get to the point...what is it you wanna say that can't be said over the phone??
And then he starts talking about how he's sorry...and he took this long to beg cos he let his pride get the better of him..bla bla..he wants us to give it another such, he misses me...he'll change...yada yada yada....and then i burst out laughing!..oh yes..and hes like is this funny to u..i was like hell yeah....anyway...when he was done talking i was like well i've heard what you have to say but its a little too late....and he's like nope..nt too late....bla bla..we cn try and work things out....yada yada...
And and my big mouth..i decided to yarn him abt abdul.....idk y i did that honestly..i am not sure if i wanted to see his reaction as per anger/jealousy or what but sha i did..and he's like..what i know that guy is he runzing you?...i ws like nah..we just got talking and we r friends...sha sha..after i saw his reaction i quickly changed the topic...and then I got up and said i had to leave since he was done talking...he goes..don't u have anything to say? like...err nope..really what were you expecting me to say?...and i call a taxi and left.
This was the afternoon before tokunbos party in the the club now...this dude called me abt 15 say what idk...when i got out of the club at 4 i text sayn wts up with the missed day he called back saying he just wanted to check on me make sure i was alright ..i was 3am..since when did that one start?? sha said oh..thanks ooo i was having fun now that u asked...
Later that day..called call call...its becoming a normal thing like chill does dis dude think we r back together
Fast forward to 4 days later, I got a call fromm teni, his rilli good female friend that im friends with as well. This babe is like..hmmm u and ur big mouth ..u r all talk bla like chill now..what are you on about??....teni goes: hmmm who did u meet up with on u and him are back together abi...after u said this time ur break up was for good..bla bla...u just have mouth...i was like wooooaahhhh.....what r u on abt..we only met up to talk..who said anything abt being back together??..i was rather shocked and then to add to it all she was like i heard abdul is runzing u!!..I was like what?!....i was like who told u..shes like ur ex and my my mind im thinking how many people has dis boy told....
So now im thinking me not saying anything to this boy, he obviously assumed i accepted his i call with the intention of setting things straight but everytime i cal we just start gisting and i neva get to the i stop calling...i sent a text instead...saing things r still hw they were before we had our talk....meaning we r not an item the talk didn't change anything..and he replies saying "what are you on about" in the world am i gonna get this over and done i spell it out a bit more explicitly and hes like he thinks we need to talk and he ll kal me when he cn explain a few this point..i didn't even bother txting im like what the hell is going on??!!!....

Third Scenario:
As I am talking to Teni, she tells me Abdul was dating her best friend now everything is getting a lil too ex is friends with abdul whose ex girlfriend is best friends with my friend that is too close for concern...if am going to move on i need to venture to a different circle of people...and then initiall when I told teni about abdul...she was like oh..i think u shud go for it ..he sounds like a rilli nice guy bla bla...but now that she knows abdul is in her best friends ex..shes like..well...i dont think u shud go ther...i mean my best fried is over him and all so dnt think i have anything to gain from this..but i still wouldn't go like..ok..thanks for the info...and then she's like for my ex..i know if he rilli likes a girl, he will beg and all but i wouldn't listen to him either..hes an unserious now im like...teni has cancelled out abdul and my ex for me...should I really listen to her???
And she also made it a point to say she had nothing to gain or lose from me getting back with my ex...oh and did i mention that her oter best friend tolu is also in love with my ex? about complications in my life!!! be i am just trying to have fun this summer jo, I am hella tired of having nothing to do..well since my folks have been around its been interesting cos we've just been shopping and visiting friends and stuff..
Did i mention my graduation was wet and BORIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGG....i expected a lot more...but hey!!..i am a graduate.....WHOOPTIDOOOO!!

Okay this rant is getting waaaayyyy too long....will blog later this week.....I am sure I'll have more goss by then...oh and there is a new guy on the radar...John...but thats for my next post...till then...don't let my complicated life complicate ur head as u read...



  1. Phew...Dear Lord...My brain needs a bit of a juggle.

    Wow that a rather tight circle. The thing about this whole Abdul thing is that, I believe if someone as much as shows signs of not being a good guy, he'll be labelled one. Meaning that there might be an iota of truth in what you hear about him. Im not saying he's all BAD or he's all GOOD. Just be careful sha.

    As for your (ex)bf...YOU NEED TO SPELL IT OUT! Like dont know what next he's gonna get up to

    I didnt see your email o!

  2. MONI! mehn, this side of ur life is just too convulated. i like the fact that u know the best thing thing to do: branch out my dear!

  3. @ naija baba....teni didn't say anything bad about abdul..she actually said he's a really nice and mature guy..BUT..i don't think u r his was like what is his type and she goes he likes traditional babes who can cook and clean and r wifey material....lmao..i kind of found it offensive actually...

    @ yinkuslolo....branching out it is...i am still talking to abdul but I am still keeping myself very much

  4. oh..naija babe..dat email is coming don't worry..i am still talking to Dara about it...hehe

  5. Oh She didnt spare you at all!

  6. Allow some random pple to take a photo of me for no good reason, I doubt it...Oyibo jazz is more efficient than naija's you know lol

    This ur love circle be like spider web, had to read the paragraph twice to get it (maybe cos i just woke up)

  7. That's a lotta I hate when guys assumes they are back with their ex because they just had a "talk".
    If she didn't give you a positive answer then don't conclude togetherness.

    And for the picture taken, its Too late now like you said but just hope its not used for anything bad.


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