Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guys in my life

I know this is my first time writing a full post but wait wait wait before you crucify me I have an excuse.........ok forget it I don't have any but please don't crucify me just yet. I am really enjoying this summer already, working, getting paid and also meeting new guysssssssss. I would have given my other dame halos one, me being very selfless and all but they are thousands of miles away so I get to keep all my guys to myself........YAY...lol. So a quick rundown on the guys in my life right now:

1. Wise one (WO)- I think the name says it all. I met WO's junior brother at my cousin's house around May when I came to visit my cousin. He was also staying over before he went to WOs' for the summer. He was really cool and lots of fun, and me being the first born I tend to act like a mother to everyone around me older or younger. He admired what Morenike stands for and tried to hook me up with his senior brother,WO. I spoke to his brother once when he was around then we chatted on facebook a lot. WO is so so smart and I love talking to him about his company and did I mention he has a great sense of humor. When am on the phone with him I am always laughing. Anyways I think he is a great guy and can possibly be Morenike's loveworthy..lol

2. Prodigal one (PO)- I met PO through my mother's match making services, did I mention she does it for free and no you dont have to fill out any applications she takes the initiative to do it herself. I thought PO was very smart, good christian and all when I first met him 5 years ago but I just couldn't be myself around him because of the fear of being judged. PO is a kind of guy that wants to date one girl and get married to that same girl but me being 16 years old straight out of secondary school and had never had a boyfriend before that was not what I had in mind. I wanted to date other people and see what was out there. To cut the very long story short we grew apart. Fast-forward to this summer I found out that he has a girlfriend now and I have never been more jealous in my life. With my mum rubbing it in about how I lost a great guy and blah blah blah. I was kind of quiet for a week, because for some funny reason I thought he was always going to be there. So after my mourning week I let things go until I got a message from me saying something about how he misses my family and loves us...It took me a while to figure out that it was more directed to me...lol...I guess sometimes I am slow like that.

3. Little one (LO)- So I met LO through his sister and my cousin trying to hook us up. I don't know why I am surrounded by e-Harmony wannabe employees!LO and I started talking and oh my days he is such a gentleman, he opens doors, gives compliments, smart, ambitious and very sweet. He also has a great sense of humor....trust me I am a sucker for any guy with a great sense of humor. I don't want to have a house or raise an uptight family so all those guys that take themselves too seriously are a no-no for me. Anyways back to LO, he makes me feel like a lady and he is very respectful but the problem here is *cough cough* he is 19! and I am going to be 22!. What kind of life is this now?! I really don't know what to do because I don't want to be a sugar mummy, cradle rocker or whatever it is you people call it nowadays. Ayanfe stop freaking laughing its not funny lol. You guys should come up with a solution to this problem asap!
Anyways I am going to stop here for now because I have to get ready for work. Maybe I will continue when I get off work maybe not....lol



  1. Hi ladies! Just thought to give you gals a head up! Glad the blog is up and running full-time now.
    Read this and I promise, I'll be back!

  2. ur mumsy started match-making u at age 16 or so. ur mumsy is sharp oh

    nice blog


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