Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Case of the ex

Hey sweeties!

So my ex/bessie Charles just poured out his heart to me, asking me if i had anyone serious that I was talking to and I was like 'maybe' just to wind him up. And the conversation got surprisingly pear-shaped. He got really upset saying how he has not gotten into any serious relationship because of me and I am being really selfish by holding him back. The funniest thing is that we had our ritual 3months TALK which ends in us deciding how there is no point getting together and we need to move on. But the last time we had the conversion, I was fed up as this cycle of emotions has been going on for about 8 years and i told him that i have moved on but i guess he was still holding on.

So after i told him, there 'might' be someone in the picture and he kicked off, he basically broke up with our friendship saying for him to get over me we have to stop talking for a while. I am not sure h0w i feel about this arrangement but I would be keeping you updated on this. But hopefully things would get better between us.

Toddles, AY..xoxo

Hunt for you

Hello lovlies,

So its been over a year, since then I have graduated from pharmacy school and started working. Hmmm, the best place to start has to be my summer holiday, WHAT a summer i had. I was on a mission and safe to say I accomplished them. I went to america and had two summer flings (Trev and Sam) in two different states which after the summer ended, both relationship kinda died.I was really shocked that Trev and I didnt even talk again because i saw him as a potential and i thought he felt the same way but oh well, stuff happens!!!

So after about 4 months from not hearing from Sam, he sends me a DirectMessage via twitter saying he misses me and why dont we talk anymore. Sam is a smooth talker and he knows how and when to say the right things. We basically hit it off from where we stopped 4months ago but it seems like he is getting attached which i am not sure how i feel about that. Talking about how he is coming home for xmas and has already planned a couple of events, dates and weddings which he wants me next to him. I do like Sam but I dont want things to get deep as he is a million miles away. I dont know why i cant find a decent enough guy where i live. All these skype dates and cold nights in this country does not do it for me. I deserve more and I would be on the hunt for my own till i get it so if u know him tell him to hurry and come jo!

Ayo. xoxo

Sunday, November 7, 2010

♫Kele kele love♫

This song has been on replay for the past 24hours, I love it! Note to all you kele kele lovers we do not want your business! Actually let me speak for myself because I know some girls*there shall be no name calling* who live for this kind of love....hehe. Have a great week people!


Twitter Rant

Ughhhhhh... Twitter is slowly getting on my nerves... I joined earlier this year and everyday I had loads of fun, I was only following a handful of people and I was having constant jokes.
As the year progressed more people joined, more "friends joined"... Funny enough its the people that I know that actually annoy me...
Anyway as I was saying, it reminds me of high school... Everyone scrambling for "twitter royalty" to follow them. Are u really that sad and pathetic??
Then those one that can't speak english then will come and be using big grammer for us...E.g today someone said to me in a reply to a tweet.. " Sacarism my dear, sacarism" I read it and was like WTF...
It was even a very shabby attempt at sarcasm... Sigh .. I mean I don't belive in only talking to people you know on twitter but the level of FAMZ has become appauling...

I'm just tired of the lot... Now I only tweet in the morning or late @ night cos that is when the bullshit is almost zero...

Then on to the "Twitter Royalty".... Its funny the things I've heard about some of these people.....
- That is how one manager on there meets his prey on twitter, then will be borrowing money from them
- Then one girl there is still in love with one boy who was just using her for sex... Instead of her to face her new boyfriend
- Then Mr E-prostitute, always DMing girls... SMH ... And then he will now b feeling like a fresh giuy
- Madam " all who have sex will go to hell" is a champion head giver
- And apparently I heard that some naked pictures of one babe might leak very soon... Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't tho..for your sake and mine...

I could go on and on... It is not my place to name and shame these people ... I'm just ranting... Daiz all

P.s- again pls ignore any shells or typo's... I just can't be bothered to re-read it..

Dara xoxo

Friday, November 5, 2010

‘For Coloured Girls’

I’m a diehard Tyler Perry fan. It’s so bad that I was quite convince he hadn’t married cos I was to meet him and we’ll fall madly in love and have the most lavish, beautiful wedding Hollywood has ever seen (wassup with me and weddings lately….well it’s the bug around Christmas). But I have cooled down with the love for the guy this last year (well Michael Ealy came into the picture…what can a girl do :D). Anyways I am really looking forward to the movie ‘For Coloured Girls’. Yea partially because its Tyler Perry and my loyalty instinct is popping out but also because its different from his usual work. I’ll love to see his movie without all the comic relief attached to Madea. People have questioned if he is the right person to direct this movie. His done so much for the film industry especially the black movie industry which has just plummet over the years so I really hope he gets the credit he deserves with this movie. Finally he’ll be seen as a serious producer than a funny cross dresser. It’s out at the movies today in America and here’s a trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

p.s: T, please get your movies to the UK….if not I’ll have to keep buying bootleg ones. Pick one :p

Oh by the way isn’t Janet Jackson’s hair fierce and she looks Fa-BuH-lOuS. I wish I had the guts to cut mine….lurrvvvv eeettttt!

Love Always
Ayanfe xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why can't life be PERFECT?

Once again , our sincerest apologies for the hiatus ......hmmm let me see, what's gone on in my life in the past year. Well i'm in my final year right now so i'm just looking forward to finishing and actually living in the real world....I've managed to secure a job which i'm thanking God yea everything is looking pretty normal.....i think the most drastic change in my life this year is that i've fallen in LOVE.....yes people it has finally happened...and its so true, its when u least expect it that it happens....i remember before i started dating my boyfriend i wasn't really sure, i spoke to my fellow dames alot....and they gave me some really good advice..(much appreciated guys), all my hard girl, i don't believe in love fronting is over o.....i don't know whether it's just cos i'm growing up, or i've just found a really good guess is both....but u know how things can just never be boyfriend is from the one place in nigeria my parents would rather me die a spinster than marry from.....i know....i completely sucks.....but right now he's left the country for a year, so we're doin a long distance thing ....which sucks even more.....this is kinda like my test, if we can make it thru this year.....i reckon its a relationship worth fighting for....and i will step up to my parents and say that horribly cliche line "but daddy i love him" LOL......

tokunbo xoxo

The 'M' after Masters

Okay guys on behalf of the dames am highly extremely sorry we haven’t blog...can't actually believe we went off for a year. But u all know the year runs fast so basically let's say we've been off for 6mnths :D. Apology not enough send me all ur addy and I'll post a mini Christmas gift (yes bribery is the way to go). It’s funny how the last time I blogged I was stressing about applying to schools for masters but yeeepeee am done with masters. But what's an MSc soon to be graduate to do now? - JOB APPLICATIONS!!! I’m seriously stressing yet again but this time it’s about job apps. When does all d stressing stop? I’ll like to believe this is the rain before sunshine period.

Anyways for now my mum is constantly on my neck about me going to baking school. She has refused to stop letting me knw how much tosan is making. I thought they paid mny for school fees so I can get into a suit and go to work from 7:30am to 10:30pm but now that tosan can make a million buck in a good month my mum is all of a sudden ready for me to fashie d suit. Few years bck if I said I wanted to bake cake for a living, my head will be baking on a platter. Mothers! My mum’s own I can take but I defo can't take family members telling me 'you knw what's next is the M after Masters' like really am still a small girl which brings me to the koko of this post. Why so much pressure on ayanfe the chick without a cock (male chicken people, get your minds out of the gutter :p)?

All these pressure wouldn’t be happening if things had gone according to plan. I have great expectations of marriage some very realistic others not soooo realistic. If God’s plan was aligned with mine I would have been a year into my investment banking career while instead of doing some financial ratio at my desk I would be looking at wedding magazines making some preparations. In the mist of all that I’ll look at the 6'2'' dark in complexion, looking handsome and all Hercules kinda strong picture frame of my boo on my desk and say to myself ‘yes I’ll soon be mrs ayanfe ******-***** (I always imagined my surname would be a compound name- this is one of the not so realistic part..hehe). Well as you must have figured that hasn’t happened yet and I have decided to wait till God’s time is right with mine so why is it so hard for family people to take the chill pill as well. I thought the stigma was all hell would break loose being single in your late twenties not early twenties. In a way I can’t blame them, after all I have friends that are engaged to people my senior sister’s age and some of my sis friends aren’t married. The ones that aren’t even dating I can just imagine where their confidence have gone too. The society starts to frown on these people and I guess this has made parents / friends/ other family members to stress marriage earlier. But as much as I want to understand I can’t let family / society make me start questioning if am too picky and to settle for less. I find myself talking to my dames and other friends asking the same thing every time ‘is my standard really too high?’- hmm let’s not even go into what some of their reply was. All of me, from the hairs on my head to the sole of my feet is a well packaged beautifully wrapped gift, how I for sell am for less. Let me marry at God’s given time and have a blessed marriage life o jere.

Phew! That was longer than i intended. But WE BAACCKKKK! I have missed rambling hehe.

Love always

Ayanfe xx

To let go or NOT....

Hey guys,
Sorry we've been MIA this year, hopefully this won't happen again (let's keep our fingers crossed:D). I will be speaking for the entire DH girls when I say a lot has happened in our lives since last year. Hopefully with time we will be able to fill you in on what we've been up to. As for me, I got a new boyfriend *blushes*. We met on the 1st of January in church right after crossover service. Please don't judge me, I knew what I wanted and I prayed fervently for it that night (James 4:2-3...And yet the reason you don't have what you want is that you don't ask God for it. And even when you do ask, you don't get it because your whole motive is wrong--you want only what will give you pleasure)..go ask for your own too and make sure you have the right motive while at it...haha.
Anyways, all has been well in coupleville between the bf and I until recently. The bf is getting very adamant about me letting go of my male friends. It would not have been a big deal except that I'm a guy's girl, apart from my DH girls and probably 1 or 2 other girls all my friends are male! I don't know why but I simply just get along better with guys than girls (again do not judge I love my bf and I love my friends too (both male and female). The question now is what do I do?*insert pout*

PS: Letting go of the bf is not an option:P (now you can proceed to comment)..hehe

Monday, November 1, 2010

I will Never

Today as I stood making dinner (which was basically just K special and milk), I suddenly began to think of all the things I said I would NEVER do when I was younger that I have done now..
1. I remember going to 11.45 and seeing some girls wearing short dresses and thinking to myself.. I would never do that.. Hahaha.. Tick on the short dresses
2. I remember saying " I would never kiss a boy that wasn't my boyfriend" .... ROFLMAO at this one...
3. I would Never have something with a boy who had something with my friend... Pfffft... I even asked her for permission before I" hit" that
4. I remember saying in secondary school that I would never date a boy younger than me.... Double tick on this one
5. My recent I would never follies: I would never get a blackberry, I would never join twitter.... I should slap myself for even thinking these 2
6. I have said this like 5 times since I moved back to nigeria " I would NEVER GO BACK TO REHAB".... Its the devil that keeps dragging me back to that dead place

Sigh I miss the innocence of youth.


P.s.. Forgive any shells or typo's or gbagauns.. I'm doing this on the Blackberry I said I would NEVER get... And I'm too lazy to re-read it..