Saturday, June 20, 2009

soy realmente playo? i really shallow

Ola!como hace cada uno hoy? Okay so I am bored as sucks not having a job during the holidays especially when all your friends are working cos you can't really go out by yourself..anyways...i decided to pick up my spanish again...seeing as I took spanish classes about 2 yrs ago and now I can barely make complete i have decided to start speaking again before i totally forget. Hence from now on y'all should expect me to be dropping some spanish sentences in my post...
So today this dude that I have been flirting with on my BB for almost a month now asked me to accompany him to a wedding! and then to go with him to the after party at night..basically spend the whole day together....I was like ah mi dios!....have I been leading him on...I mean its one thing to go and see a movie but its another to go to a wedding with things have to happen in stages right?
-The thing is that this guy is actually really nice and Ayo seems to think I am being shallow by not going with him..oh yeah..thats what this post is about. To be honest my main reason for not going was because I think he is emmm..not very pleasant to look at...aka..wowo!..God forgive me i haven't given birth to my own children but I am looking out for them though...So really am I being shallow?..why can't it just be that I have my own preferences just as there are girls who can't date poor guys, or tall guys, or fat guys...dumb guys....y is it that when it is down to a physical xteristic one automatically assumes that a person is being shallow...Is it really my fault that I don't want to be in a relationship with someone I cannot even look at..i swear..if i can't even look at this guy for 5 mins am i supposed to comprehend kissing him??..lmao
- Dont get me wrong, this guy isn't hunch back of notre dame ...i have even gone to his facebook page several times to look at his pictures from different angles trying to see if i ll see him differently or find something fine on his face to focus on but mehn....all my efforts have been to no availl....whether i look from left, right, top or bottom...i see the same not soo pleasant face....
- So does this make me shallow?.....or I am well within my rights to have my preferences...we all have our individual preferences for everything in life ranging from music taste, to fashion, to ice cream flavors....left to me everyone should be allowed to exercise their preferences over anything in life without being judged.....
P.s did i mention that my ex- boyfriend was calling me today?...hmmm...I have been tempted to pick up sha,,just to hear what he has to say but I know if i pick up i might find myself falling for his excuses again, so i have been holding myself..i hope i don't loose my strength and pick up his call!..guys pray for me...this is why i need a job....idleness can make one do sily things some times....ugh!
k..i ll end my ranting here....

buenas noches mis amigos


  1. Lol @ you looking from all angles I find myself doing that a lot too and I dont consider myself shallow just looking out for myself and

  2. kai, u're kinda harsh oh. if he is not easy on the eyes and u think it influences ur dating decision, maybe u shud stop leading him on by flirting. like some guys take things seriouly


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