Saturday, June 20, 2009

After exams shenanigans

Okay so it's friday and i headed up north for Pappy and K's boisterous birthday weekend. Met Pappy a few yrs back through Dele my friend (his girlfriend) and just recently met K thru Pappy. So the weekend started out wit some serious activity...LAZER TAGS!!! Am honestly still trying to recover from that, phew! and after that we the girls went straight to the kitchen and started cooking for the party that night, while the boys ran to their friends house probably playing pro6 giving us the BS of "they want to stay out of our way" mwchewww! why in the world do girls have to do all this stress....dan Allah, biko, joo God try and reverse these situations.

Anyway we finished cooking the jollof rice, fried rice, peppered chicken, seafood platter, some juicy funky made beef, dodo, egusi, pundo....omo am salivating as am remembering men, and everything was just to par (i even had to take pictures...hehe) but really thats not why am blogging. As we were cooking i watched dele stress over everything, she just wanted to make sure everything was going to get done before the party started. she would run to any of us and made sure we tasted everything. i tasted this food so much i kinda lost ma appetite for anything naija for a while. One minute she's worried about the drinks not being enough the next is something else. The funniest thing was she thought the chicken wouldn't be enough and i am telling you the chicken was enough to feed the five thousand and this is no five fishes and two loaves of bread miracle oo, it was just plainly more than enough but she still stressed.

Neway this got me thinking about when i first got to know Dele, the "free spirited" girl...hmmm. we would talk into the late hours of the night about pappy and all things nice but occasionally we get into how his the typical ladies man and trust, HE WASSS!!! okay so Dele was no saint as well, she did her own fair share of playing around hence the "free spirit", but the longer they went out for the faster all the bad behaviours fell. Quite alright she would still second guess where ever he said he was and she didn't have to tell me, i could just tell when she hangs up and just looking at them now all that drama was just a foundation of a good relationship to come. Of course there are still girls flocking around him (we even hatched a plan to shred them during the but she's not edgy anymore cos she's so got the key to his heart.

So the party kicks off and although i didn't get to do much dancing it was still so much fun and of course the girls had to do the cleaning up...LIKE REALLY! but pappy was so happy and very appreciative of what D has done. you could just see it in his eyes like my baby is the GREATEST. so on the train back i find the softer side of Ayanfe thinking....hmmm actually i take that back, it wasn't the softer side of Ayanfe that was thinking men that reality check button was flashing like hell and i realized that everything we do is just a bloody risk. we all kinda have to take that leap of faith, face the risk and hope that the relationship you going into ends up being the real deal and if not its all well and good. There's one thing i have realised is that guys may not love as easy as we women do but they love equally as hard (okay am i being too optimistic And right now i don't know if its the pressure of a young lady in her twenties (cos they have started hinting to me oo) or just seeing Dele so happy (most of the time) but i want that serene feeling like...yup! that property's got me written all over it!!

Love Always
Ayanfe xxx

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