Monday, July 27, 2009

Job interview.... so excited, woke up this morning and decided to continue my job search....took a break for like 3 weeks now and i ve just been chilling wif the folks and spending their money but seeing as my dad went back to naij on saturday and my mum is leaving tomorrow, i decided to continue my job hunt as I will be spending my own money now.....
Anyways..applied for this random customer service job this morning and would you believe they called me back like within an hr!...i was so excited....spoke to the manager and stuff and the dude asked me to come for an interview this afternoon which i went for. I got lost on the way sha....ended up having to take a black cab to the zones as i was in the middle of nowhere and din't know any minicab companies around. Sha sha...i was rather burnt having to spend that much money to go for an interview that i am not guaranteed the job to the interview and lo and behold I was looking like rihanna when everyone else had their suits and corporate shirts on. I swear i left the house in such a hurry i didn't realise how i was dressed until i got there and everyone was staring at my mind I was like great...this is why they stereotype black people..i mean who shows up to an interview in jeans and a biker leather jacket?...well apparently ME!
I didn't let that affect me though...i just knew i had to try a little harder than everyone else seen as i would probably have a few negative ticks already. So the interview lasted for about forty minutes, it was a group interview so it wasn't that bad...met a few guys..u know..usual stuff.. the end i packed up and started walking towards the station and then one of the guys who was in the interview with me ran up to me and was like are you American..u've got that californian thingy going on...i just blushed and i was like nope....anyway..we sha walked to the nearest station together and then as i was entering he was like not actually going this way i am going the other my mind i was thinking y did u walk me to the station u don't even know me...i sha said bye and then like 10secs after he runs bck to me and he's like...would you like to come out with me sometime and have a drink??..i swear it was one of them movie moments..i felt like i was in Greek or sha said yes...(i know..i have a problem saying no to people)...the dude was hot though...he's russian, blonde, and tall ..had that whole modelling thing going on..hmmm...anyway so i gave him my number and i took his...altho i forgot to save it so i don't have it...
Idk what i am gonna do if he calls me tho cos i rilli dont want to go on a date with him.....i just said ys for the sake of it...normally i would just ignore his calls and hope he gets the message after a week but i am afraid i can't do that this time...I mean what if we both get the job..i will be seeing him sooner than i think and it ll be awkward do i manage to get myself in these situations?!!...




  1. You had to take a black cab..those things are meant to suck ur wallet nd happiness. 4 crying out loud th cab is black, ur meant to mourn wen u take one isn't it?

    Jeans and biker jacket u say? I can imagine what they stereotypes wud be saying lol.

    U have a problem saying No? U shudn't have given Sir Scribbles this piece of Info oh lol.

  2. I hope you get the job. I wish you luck.
    lol @ jeans and biker jackets. U were sure in a hurry.
    Since he is good looking and to avoid the awkward moments if you two get the job, just go out with him the first time.
    That's the best possible solution to your situation right now.

    first time here. Nice blog.


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