Monday, June 22, 2009

I am better than this right......????

Buenos dias mi amigos....
No blog yesterday as I was having one of them tough days...I was home alone sis didn't tell me she was going out until 2mins before walking out the door, turns out she was going to tokunbo's house sef and i could have gone but it was too late so i just chilled at home alone instead..
I tried to keep myself busy...watched tv, cooked some nice fried rice...had some cake, icecream...but still time seemed to be going very slowly!...and you know what they say able idle start thinking of really stupid i got my laptop and spent errr....this is so embarassing...a good few hrs( i wont say exactly how long cos thats even more embarassing) trying to hack onto my ex's facebook account..lolzzzz..yes! i was like WTF!!! this is the height mehn..but i still did it anyway...what didn't i try..mums name, ex girlfrind-ssssss names....sisters it i tried it..but none of it worked! DAMMIT|!!!...I don't even know exactly what i was looking for jooo...after all what is my business right??...i broke up with him..its not like he dumped me so why am i bothered??? be honest i don't know...i just need proof ....valid proof to know that my breaking up with him was for legit reason..i.e he was cheating on me....
I guess where all this came from was a 2 hrs fone call from one of his really good female friends,Temi and she was like do i think if he was rilli dating the gal i met in the club she would have been all smiley and chatty about the whole situation and that from what she knows, the babe is a bit of a psycho and would do anything to get what she she wants him...but he apparently wants me...and she was just trying to make me think he and her had something....but am i supposed to believe this...He also went to Temi, who i am friends with through him and told her that he wants to beg but he didn't know where to strat begging from or how to beg..that it seems like my mind is made up...i was thinking see dis stupid boy ooo...wheter or not a girl has made up her mind about you..boys hardly ever take no for an answer except its rilli what they hes just making excuses....kmt!!!!
Sha sha ..after this phone conversation with his friend Temi...i now started thinking maybe i should have picked up his he was calling to beg....and then i did it!!...the stupidest thing I have done in a while..actually maybe not the stupidest..but its high up there on the list sha....I picked up my phone and called him....and then when it rang i hung up....arrgghh..somebody shoot me..pls who does that abeg!!! don't break up with someone and start calling them is just not is NOT!!!!...
I of all people should know this given the number of guys i have broken up with in my life..kai and i am only 22 gbe ..i have been around!!!...lmao...So I know I told my friends that I would change and not just date any guy in order to get over 1 guy because dis is what I have done since I was em..16 which explains y I have had so many bf's but I am thinking that I might just have to do it...i've got like 3 options on my neck now that have been a bit persistent (including the wowo one)..lolz...and 2 so and u guys have to allow me to do one of the above!
Ayanfe and Ayo have made it clear that they will disown me if i get back to talking to my ex so i guess you guys have to accept my dating one of these random guys....
Incase any outsider is wondering..i don't sleep with these guys so I haven't really been around per i wont be loosiing much...they r just like distraction until i find the next HOT thing..ya dig!!
Kai...its 10.00 am in the morning..i should be job-hunting...see my life.....



  1. "Ayanfe and Ayo have made it clear that they will disown me if i get back to talking to my ex " you forgot to add and Morenike, infact all d ladies of dame halos will disown!!!

  2. haha, hacking into the ex's acct seems to be common these days. u dont sleep with them, sweet.

  3. @ yinkuslolo like you are a professional in the hacking business..if it were 2 weeks ago i would have asked you for tips on hacking but as i have moved on and don't care about his runz...i will be a bigger person(LMAO) and say..i dnt want to know ..
    as for not sleeping with them...well i have had 11 bf's ..i am only 22...if i had slept with all of them then that makes me a ....???...idk


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