Saturday, June 20, 2009

A quick rundown

Ok so here goes my story so far, i think for the past year i've basically been battling with moving on from my ex, i kept on telling myself that we broke up under difficult circumstances and it wasn't like we didn't like each other, but we couldn't be together. As much as i liked to tell myself that i'd moved on, somewhere in the back of my mind i just thought we would end up gettin back together, which is what messed me up for any potentials coming my way.....and here begins the story of Michael. Basically Michael started off liking me, but i was still very much into my ex so i was like i'm sorry i don't think so.....and as we got to know each other we actually became really good friends, and me being me, for some reason things just can't come easily.....i started liking him and i mean really liking him... which was a total shock to me because he didn't fit the mold of wat i thot was my type. Either way yea i started liking him, so we had a random convo about it and it basically turned out that unless i was ready to swipe my v-card it couldn't happen, which i kinda respected him for sayin upfront, but its so frustrating....., so for a while we went back to the whole friendship thing, but we are constantly flirting.....and now i'm on this whole thing about not having any regrets cos i'm so tired of wondering WHAT IF??? so i'm trying to take more chances, and seeing as i like him and it doesn't seem to be going away soon i'm basically on the notion that i will hook up with him, see wat all the fuss is about and take it from there....but as i said me being me...things are never easy, by the time i worked up the nerve to tell him he was leaving the country....i guess on the plus side i'm over my ex TOTALLY, but does it really have to be so hard????......
much love

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