Wednesday, July 1, 2009

KOKO MANSION......!!!!!

Back in Blogsville, we haven't blogged in a while i am hoping that means we have all being having too much fun so we ll have enough stories to tell later on..anyway i decided to just do a quickie on koko mansion, as much as I complained about it when i watched the opening show.....i am hooked!! Would you believe I watched it from 10am to 11pm yesterday??..

-*Welcome to the Koko Mansion*...don't you just love how Dbanj says welcome to the koko mansion?? everytime i hear it I want to melt..he is just too swagga licious
I have to say, the launching of the show was not too great, it just goes to show how far Nigerian TV stations still need to go with their production and airing. Would you believe that the presenter didn;'t know when she was back on air from and advert and would be yelling " am I back on?" whilst we were staring at her or having a full on conversation with the camera man about the was hilarious...but it seems to be getting better sha..the lighting in the house is improving so they are obviously listening to criticism but still, for a show that they've been advertising for over 2 months they should have been on their A-game.
Another thing I don't understand is the direction the show is heading...its looking like a big brother house with all ladies..the gals just sit around and dance and talk and talk and talk all day.
But then again this is me just being too harsh cause i really can't imagine what they could be doing except maybe that dbanj should appear in the house a lot more think yes..after all they are his kokolettes and he is the kokomaster..theyve been in the house for over 3 days now and he hasn't shown face since the show was launched....
-Talking about the girls, they are all so young as well, i think maybe they should have had a minimum age of 23 or so.. because there is too much child play in the is a teenager going to be the "IDEAL WOMAN"..there are 18 and 19 yr old girls in the house....i personally don't think that makes much sense and if anyone has been watching like'll see where i am coming from. Out of all the girls favorites are Shona and Rita...Shona cause she seems alot more mature than the rest of the girls, speaks well and carries herself well but at the same time jokes with the other housemates and doesn't act like she's too old to chill with the youngsters...and then Rita...oh rita..what can i start with ..the babe can't speak English to save her life...but then you grow to love her i swear..shes so entertaining and she actually makes sense when she talks....except its a bit hard for her to get her message across....Lol...oh and she can't dance either..WAH!!!!...
-Anyway if you are bored out of your mind like me I would definitely recommend koko mansion as a past time..maybe i ll start giving you highlights from the show seeing as i have nothing better to do these days....or maybe not..i need a job..please guys pray for me that one of the 100's of jobs i have applied to will actually give me a call back..its getting frustrating now and I am starting to give up...*sob sob*



  1. The girls are too bush,i must say.I a nigerian that live in UK and probably because of my exposure, i find the ladies a bit below class.
    If Dbanj is looking for a wiffy or a lady to date and probably develop to something more serious, i don't think that is the avenue for it.
    The girls sound too desperate.Shona seems to be the only one that meet up halfway to the standard.
    Sorry my opinion about the girls is so poor.They just dance all day, with no brain

  2. Too bad about the knocks Koko Mansion is receiving. I haven't had a chance to watch it myself. I just follow the updates online.
    Concerning your lack of work frustrations, I feel the pain too seeing as I'm in the same shoes.
    E go better...

  3. you should try and watch it sometime naughty eyes...its actually starting to make some sense..they are giving them tasks now and asking them to make presentations about topics that make a difference..and they are also teaching them more about the nigerian yesterday they got thes professionals who specialise in tying gele's to come and show the girls how to tie and what to tie for different occasions be it wedding....or funeral or church...and we all know a typical nigerian woman likes to tie her defo was a good idea and an informative session in my opinion..



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