Monday, November 1, 2010

I will Never

Today as I stood making dinner (which was basically just K special and milk), I suddenly began to think of all the things I said I would NEVER do when I was younger that I have done now..
1. I remember going to 11.45 and seeing some girls wearing short dresses and thinking to myself.. I would never do that.. Hahaha.. Tick on the short dresses
2. I remember saying " I would never kiss a boy that wasn't my boyfriend" .... ROFLMAO at this one...
3. I would Never have something with a boy who had something with my friend... Pfffft... I even asked her for permission before I" hit" that
4. I remember saying in secondary school that I would never date a boy younger than me.... Double tick on this one
5. My recent I would never follies: I would never get a blackberry, I would never join twitter.... I should slap myself for even thinking these 2
6. I have said this like 5 times since I moved back to nigeria " I would NEVER GO BACK TO REHAB".... Its the devil that keeps dragging me back to that dead place

Sigh I miss the innocence of youth.


P.s.. Forgive any shells or typo's or gbagauns.. I'm doing this on the Blackberry I said I would NEVER get... And I'm too lazy to re-read it..


  1. this brings to mind my foolishness with my i would never list.
    One I'm gonna keep forever is date a guy oyunger than me

  2. I will never have sex before marriage...I should just give myself uppercut already...haha.I'm so glad you guys are back!!!*break dancing*


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