Friday, November 5, 2010

‘For Coloured Girls’

I’m a diehard Tyler Perry fan. It’s so bad that I was quite convince he hadn’t married cos I was to meet him and we’ll fall madly in love and have the most lavish, beautiful wedding Hollywood has ever seen (wassup with me and weddings lately….well it’s the bug around Christmas). But I have cooled down with the love for the guy this last year (well Michael Ealy came into the picture…what can a girl do :D). Anyways I am really looking forward to the movie ‘For Coloured Girls’. Yea partially because its Tyler Perry and my loyalty instinct is popping out but also because its different from his usual work. I’ll love to see his movie without all the comic relief attached to Madea. People have questioned if he is the right person to direct this movie. His done so much for the film industry especially the black movie industry which has just plummet over the years so I really hope he gets the credit he deserves with this movie. Finally he’ll be seen as a serious producer than a funny cross dresser. It’s out at the movies today in America and here’s a trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

p.s: T, please get your movies to the UK….if not I’ll have to keep buying bootleg ones. Pick one :p

Oh by the way isn’t Janet Jackson’s hair fierce and she looks Fa-BuH-lOuS. I wish I had the guts to cut mine….lurrvvvv eeettttt!

Love Always
Ayanfe xx

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