Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hunt for you

Hello lovlies,

So its been over a year, since then I have graduated from pharmacy school and started working. Hmmm, the best place to start has to be my summer holiday, WHAT a summer i had. I was on a mission and safe to say I accomplished them. I went to america and had two summer flings (Trev and Sam) in two different states which after the summer ended, both relationship kinda died.I was really shocked that Trev and I didnt even talk again because i saw him as a potential and i thought he felt the same way but oh well, stuff happens!!!

So after about 4 months from not hearing from Sam, he sends me a DirectMessage via twitter saying he misses me and why dont we talk anymore. Sam is a smooth talker and he knows how and when to say the right things. We basically hit it off from where we stopped 4months ago but it seems like he is getting attached which i am not sure how i feel about that. Talking about how he is coming home for xmas and has already planned a couple of events, dates and weddings which he wants me next to him. I do like Sam but I dont want things to get deep as he is a million miles away. I dont know why i cant find a decent enough guy where i live. All these skype dates and cold nights in this country does not do it for me. I deserve more and I would be on the hunt for my own till i get it so if u know him tell him to hurry and come jo!

Ayo. xoxo

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