Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why can't life be PERFECT?

Once again , our sincerest apologies for the hiatus ......hmmm let me see, what's gone on in my life in the past year. Well i'm in my final year right now so i'm just looking forward to finishing and actually living in the real world....I've managed to secure a job which i'm thanking God yea everything is looking pretty normal.....i think the most drastic change in my life this year is that i've fallen in LOVE.....yes people it has finally happened...and its so true, its when u least expect it that it happens....i remember before i started dating my boyfriend i wasn't really sure, i spoke to my fellow dames alot....and they gave me some really good advice..(much appreciated guys), all my hard girl, i don't believe in love fronting is over o.....i don't know whether it's just cos i'm growing up, or i've just found a really good guess is both....but u know how things can just never be boyfriend is from the one place in nigeria my parents would rather me die a spinster than marry from.....i know....i completely sucks.....but right now he's left the country for a year, so we're doin a long distance thing ....which sucks even more.....this is kinda like my test, if we can make it thru this year.....i reckon its a relationship worth fighting for....and i will step up to my parents and say that horribly cliche line "but daddy i love him" LOL......

tokunbo xoxo

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