Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Case of the ex

Hey sweeties!

So my ex/bessie Charles just poured out his heart to me, asking me if i had anyone serious that I was talking to and I was like 'maybe' just to wind him up. And the conversation got surprisingly pear-shaped. He got really upset saying how he has not gotten into any serious relationship because of me and I am being really selfish by holding him back. The funniest thing is that we had our ritual 3months TALK which ends in us deciding how there is no point getting together and we need to move on. But the last time we had the conversion, I was fed up as this cycle of emotions has been going on for about 8 years and i told him that i have moved on but i guess he was still holding on.

So after i told him, there 'might' be someone in the picture and he kicked off, he basically broke up with our friendship saying for him to get over me we have to stop talking for a while. I am not sure h0w i feel about this arrangement but I would be keeping you updated on this. But hopefully things would get better between us.

Toddles, AY..xoxo


  1. 8 years?!
    Talk about being stuck in a lurch..

  2. lol...maybe you guys should try dating. #justsaying.

  3. @Roc what ever happened to you blogging ehn? loved your blog.

    @leggy you tell for charles. :D

    ayanfe x

  4. hope things got better. Happy new year..


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