Sunday, November 7, 2010

Twitter Rant

Ughhhhhh... Twitter is slowly getting on my nerves... I joined earlier this year and everyday I had loads of fun, I was only following a handful of people and I was having constant jokes.
As the year progressed more people joined, more "friends joined"... Funny enough its the people that I know that actually annoy me...
Anyway as I was saying, it reminds me of high school... Everyone scrambling for "twitter royalty" to follow them. Are u really that sad and pathetic??
Then those one that can't speak english then will come and be using big grammer for us...E.g today someone said to me in a reply to a tweet.. " Sacarism my dear, sacarism" I read it and was like WTF...
It was even a very shabby attempt at sarcasm... Sigh .. I mean I don't belive in only talking to people you know on twitter but the level of FAMZ has become appauling...

I'm just tired of the lot... Now I only tweet in the morning or late @ night cos that is when the bullshit is almost zero...

Then on to the "Twitter Royalty".... Its funny the things I've heard about some of these people.....
- That is how one manager on there meets his prey on twitter, then will be borrowing money from them
- Then one girl there is still in love with one boy who was just using her for sex... Instead of her to face her new boyfriend
- Then Mr E-prostitute, always DMing girls... SMH ... And then he will now b feeling like a fresh giuy
- Madam " all who have sex will go to hell" is a champion head giver
- And apparently I heard that some naked pictures of one babe might leak very soon... Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't tho..for your sake and mine...

I could go on and on... It is not my place to name and shame these people ... I'm just ranting... Daiz all

P.s- again pls ignore any shells or typo's... I just can't be bothered to re-read it..

Dara xoxo

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