Friday, May 22, 2009


Okay so we haven't blogged in a while (all due to exams) and after having a heart to heart with Morenike few days ago i feel very grateful for the friends I've i have decided to share!


As we walk our path of life
We meet people everyday
Most are simply met by chance
But some are sent our way

These become special friends
The ones who understands us
And share our joy and pain

Friends will come and go
But true friend are there forever
Through the good, the bad and the utmost ugly
True friends love you for who you are
Their love contains no boundaries

They hurt when you hurt
Put a smile on your face when you're down
Pick you up when you fall
They know every episode in the series of your life

True friends are very hard to find
So, even when we are apart
Their presence enhances us
With warmth in the heart

This love becomes a tunnel
When even the distances fade away
And so, these five friends, God sent my way
Remain forever near.

Love Always

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